Happy Sloth

I saw this on tumblr the other day:

I am in love. Doesn’t it make you feel so happy? The seller makes mini sloths as well, and includes a variety of (happy) creatures for you to choose from.

Buy yours here.

In other words, I feel like I have been relatively low energy lately when it comes to drafting longer blog posts. I have a new job, or three new jobs, actually. One of them is for this music festival I’ll be spending four weeks at this summer (and which I spent four weeks at last summer, incidentally). I’m doing communications/copywriting kind of stuff. Another them is a 25 hours a week internship in marketing/communications I’m doing at my dad’s engineering company. Started on Monday and my days have been chock-full of engineering terms and data entry, but it pays good money so I’m happy. Yet another one is a grant-writing gig I have with a fairly exciting new company. More on that later.

You’ll probably see more blog posts from me eventually if I find anything interesting to write about, or when I decide to finally catch up on posting stuff I have been doing for the past few months while in college. I will also be writing music-related blog posts for this music festival, so I will definitely be posting the links/excerpts here. Stay tuned for that.

I’m also trying to see if I can make myself a .com for my freelance writing. Or maybe just because it’s cool.

I also have a tumblr. I update it several times a day thanks to finally figuring out queuing. If you have a tumblr, follow me there. 

And once again, thank you for reading!