It’s a music typewriter

Saw this on my twitter feed this morning, via @kickassical.


I want to know if it actually works. And who built it. It does look pretty cool… judging from what’s going on the music behind it, I’m guessing it’s more for the novelty than for anyone wanting software that can format their musical composition into some nice format. You can’t bar eighth or sixteenth notes, and I think placement of sharps or flats could get tricky.

Still doesn’t compare to Sibelius. Or Finale.

It’s still kind of cool, though.

In other news, Google’s homepage today is featuring a special playable guitar logo in honor of the 96th birthday of musician Les Paul, someone I’ve personally never heard of but was apparently a prominent guitar builder and musician notable for his use of “overdubbing,” or layering guitar sounds over each other. He earned two Grammys before his death. More information here in PC mag.

The cool thing about this special guitar logo (and I think Google’s engineers have really outdone themselves) is that not only can you play music, but you could also record a little ditty of your own composition and send it to your friends.

It seems as though all the musicians (and even non-musicians) in my facebook newsfeed are enjoying it.

I’m pretty happy about it.