Dying is a small price to pay to live

You know when you read something, or see something beautiful and inspiring, and something just clicks? I was blog surfing the other day, and I saw this post from one of my favorite blogs, lifesize paperdoll.

An excerpt:

… You look at the sky, you look at your world, you look at everything and realize that dying is a small price to pay to live…

It is. It is indeed.

This is possibly one of the best and inspiring blog posts I have read this week, straightforward and simply stated, yet profound in its implications.

May you be similarly inspired.


18 thoughts on “Dying is a small price to pay to live

  1. I entirely agree with this. And im very enlightened and happy having stumbled across this. Life is so wonderful and I feel bad for all the people who cannot enjoy it. Life gives us so many exhilerating opportunities that sweep us off our feet and show us how lucky we are to be able to experience this earth.
    I will most definatly be passing this along and its in fact, inspired a blog post!
    And I am most certainly similarily inspired.
    Thanks so much ;D

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I can’t believe you made a post about my post! Thank you so much. I’m a little choked up right now. Honestly, I’ve been struggling so much in the past few months to come to grip with death when my aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I’ve always been an optimistic person, but with different not so optimistic things popping up in every corner of life, it’s had me a bit down. Thank you for posting this and thank you for reminding me that everything and everyone can affect everything and everyone. It’s not just about me- it’s about EVERYONE. You can never truly know the affect you can have on someone and me affecting you, just affected me. Thank you.

  3. not all wings have to have feathers in or to order a fly out of you, at least not above you and at leashed not so naked like your such called feeling words what would be the real point of living if for real all you can do is always dying before outlasting a daylight
    all that to me is just, irrelevart

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