hot chocolate

To my mind, there are few things better than this on a cold and snowy day.

Stay warm!

And naturally, a book.

What do you do on your snow days?

Oh, and Teton Cocoa Company on Etsy is having a giveaway until January 25th! The winner gets a large bag of cocoa.

I’ve never had their cocoa, but I’m sure it’s amazing!

Link to giveaway

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.


37 thoughts on “hot chocolate

  1. Now, excuse me as I droll a little. I suddenly need cappuccino with cinnamon.
    On a snow day, I watch Korean dramas and and eat cereals with yogurt. Works like a charm, I forget all about the snow outside.

  2. oh i’m jelly jealous!! a snow day!??!!? how fabulous. it’s tank top and sandal weather here in newport beach. blech…
    never been a fan of this year round summer climate.
    those very sparse rain days i relish to the nth degree, and stay outside splashing as much as possible.

    enjoy the snow.

  3. I usually do tea and a book. If I can get a fire in there too and wrap myself in a blanket sitting in front of it, that’s even better. And a warm bowl of soup, with maybe a grilled cheese sandwich on the side. Perfect day, if you ask me.

  4. *YAWN* I will gladly have 2 of the second photo with a banana nut muffin, small fruit punch..thank you 🙂 That is all I can say about cocoa. On a snowy day, I either look at old artpieces or just start creating new ones – whether on canvas or cloth.

  5. I spend my snow days exactly the same way, but I add a couple of blankets and some spicy pumpking cookies to make the whole day feel a little less chilly!

  6. This post made my life just a little better. There’s something about pictures of yummy, delicious, enticing, cups of hot chocolate. Mmmmmm…
    Snowy days? I don’t get many. 😦 But hot chocolate is definitely a big part, as are movies and books and…movies. 🙂 Once we’ve gone outside and discovered that snowball-making makes your hands ache with the cold.

  7. I love hot cocoa. It’s like one of my favorite things.. especially when its whipped hot chocolate, with whipped cream. There’s a place in NYC that does it and it’s like $4 and I still pay it every. time. i. go. even if it’s May. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Now I’m craving for some hot coco, with lots of whipped cream ! 🙂 Thankyou for your comment, I don’t know what I’d do without candles haha, to bad you can’t have them in you dorm! xxxxx Sophie

  9. Snow…I think I’d have hard time dealing with snow. Unless I somehow had a life that enabled me to stay indoors! I already feel cold all the time…
    But it has been terribly foggy here, and I’ve been keeping warm with my new gourmet coffee beans and ceramic coffee dripper…

  10. Hi there! 🙂 The person that won my Taiwan giveaway didn’t email me back, so I chose again and YOU won!! 🙂 I’m so glad because I’ve seen you comment several times, and I really wanted to thank you for your support!! So please email me your address so I can send you your little package of surprises! 🙂 Thanks!! xo.

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