you are so sweet (once more)

Sometimes I wonder what stories people have to tell.

This is why I like people-watching. I like imagining what brought them on to the subway late at night… what they are going home to, what they are thinking of… the things their face reflect. Is it peace, joy, sadness, complacency, disgust, blankness, humor, love?

What shaped them into the people they are?

Where are they going?

That, or I’m some creepy stalker.

*Pictures taken by me.


47 thoughts on “you are so sweet (once more)

  1. Like you, I’m captivated by other people. I love sitting in a busy place and watching people move throughout their day. Thank you for sharing this with me. Thank you also for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope this weekend swells with love and joy!

  2. I do too sometimes wonder about other people’s lives, maybe that’s why I love reading people’s blogs so much, wishing you a wonderful Friday dear


  3. I’m a people watcher too. My friends and I actually play a game called what’s their story? guessing at the story of people we see sometimes, based on a scene from the movie Date Night with Tina Fey. hahaha. It’s so interesting to see people’s little actions, especially like while on a train or bus or in a hallway before class, or in the caf. It’s also interesting to see how people perceive others.

  4. I love to watch people on the Métro in Paris, but I feel less sure of myself on the trains in NYC. Perhaps it is a perception but the eye contact is to be avoided at all costs in NY (on the subway). Maybe I am not riding the right lines in the city…

    Bon weekend, mon amie!

  5. “That, or I’m some creepy stalker.”
    That made me laugh so hard. I don’t think it makes you a creepy stalker though. It’s human nature to watch others and try to figure out just what they’re thinking.

  6. Ah ah ah!!! Someone who gets it! I’ve always had this thing about looking at people and thinking about their story. Like, in those exact words. Wondering who they are, who their family is, who their friends are, and what added up to get them to right here. I LOVE this post! It makes me giddy!

  7. I like people watching too but only when they can’t see me..haha..I feel like I’m invading their privacy if I’m staring at someone in public! I don’t know I guess I’m weird..haha. I often fantasize how cool would it be if life is musical though; you know, people randomly breaking out in dance and music numbers! xoxoxoxoo

  8. thanks for always commenting on my posts, love!
    I love people-watching! I always seem to question what kind of a person they are, especially the elderly/seniors, i want to just ask them questions about their life story. Amazing.

  9. You remind me of my Mom, Abby. She’s always saying stuff like this, especially when we’re at the airport. She’ll say ‘look at all these people in the world that we didn’t even know existed a few moments ago’. She’ll stare and she does try to talk to people a lot. People think she’s weird but also that she’s really sweet. They like her, which means they like you! B/c you are like that too!
    I suppose you have a point with not letting the sweetness become stalker like though (smile):-)!

  10. Whether or not I people-watch depends on my mood. If I am feeling particularly reflective and have a lot of time for myself in a public place, I can sit in a coffee shop and watch people go by. I don’t think I have made up stories about people passing by more than actually observing them and letting their actions tell their own story. I also find that when one lets go of their own pre-occupations is when one realises what complicated stories may be behind the surfaces of the other six plus billion people inhabiting this earth. With that said, it also makes me wonder how many of those six plus billion are wondering about the stories behind each person that passes them.. or behind each person in general.

    Belated happy new year, too. Hope you enjoyed your holiday break!

  11. I adore people watching. I try to understand and what they do for a living by the way they are dressed.
    I look at shoes a lot. Shoes tell many things.

  12. I adore people watching, I don’t even realising I am doing it half the time. I don’t think you are a creepy stalker though…., unless you follow them off the train.

  13. Hi Abby! What a great post! I think we´re all the same, who doesn´t love people watching?
    You know what I love? While being on the bus or in the subway, thinking about my own problems, and suddenly a child looks at me and smiles. Isn´t that wonderful? 🙂

    Hope you have a nice and sweet week!!

  14. I wonder these things all the time.

    I have recently been taken back by the increase in homelessness in our city. Yesterday I gave money to a man whose sign read that he had been out of a job for over a year and was ashamed of what he had become of him. He needed money to feed his family. And while I could have disregarded him for a liar, his eyes were pure. I left him crying.

    All these people. Where did they come from? Why are they sleeping on the cold ground? What goes through their mind?

    We all have a story.

  15. Ah, I always think about this constantly. Why are they here? Where are they headed? Sometimes I imagine waking up in someone else’s life for a day just to see what it would be like. Is that weird? Haha. Great post and love your blog my dear.

    Xo Chelle

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