Who will remember me after I am gone?

Recent trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Click to enlarge

Will you write me a letter after I am gone?

or will there be a long slow sleep for me, until all has forgotten who I was?

dog, cat, crocodile, baby crocodile

all may crumble into dust.


but this is who I once was.

Here I remain.

Here’s to you.


35 thoughts on “Who will remember me after I am gone?

  1. The MFA is my favorite place in the city. I used to make my mom take me at least once a month when I was younger. Right now I heard they have this amazing vintage fashion photography exhibit, that I am dying to go to. These photos are great, they do making you wonder if your belongings will end up in a museum some thousands of years from now.
    Stolen Stiletto

  2. “The people living in America in 2000 CE were buried in plots of land in boxes just like this one. They were not well preserved, but this one appears to be a small-boned female human, clearly not a child, and probably an Asian judging from the marks on the skull. This one was quite unusual though, as it was buried with this ancient device made of metal that would run on what they called electricity. This device is possibly an ancient type of ‘computer’ or ‘typewriter.’ Or perhaps it was a god of some kind… Sadly, we do not know very much of this civilization, as they destroyed many of the things they used from day to day when these things became old. Because of this, very few articles exist from that era.”
    I liked the pictures. Aren’t the clay animal pots kind of cute?

  3. That’s so interesting. I love history…love it! I’ve never been to the MFA though. Actually, I’ve never been to any museum in Boston, and I’ve only been to the Air and Space Museums here in DC. I think this summer, I want to get the stepdaughter out to some of them. She’s old enough to appreciate stuff like that…or at least to be given the chance. Thanks for the post – and the inspiration!

  4. The thought is a little sad, or melancholy, isn’t it? But in a gentle way … to be in someone’s heart always and forever. It’s interesting that these people, in your post, are still evoking thought from others after all this time.

  5. I love this post. I loved the words in the first picture. It really makes you think. We all wonder if we’ll leave behind a footprint, a memory. make ourself known. I wonder what will be said on my tombstone? Will I be loving wife, daughter etc? all the wonderful things you see on many a tombstone? will anyone visit? will I be the grave with no flowers? it;s all interesting. But the thing that makes me think most is why wonder if if we’re dead it won’t make a difference to us. There’s so much to question… It’s really a thought provoking topic.

  6. Enjoyed that look into the museum and your thoughts about it, very nice. I know that if the fates are cruel and I am left for a time without my sweet husband, I will write him letters every day. Can barely entertain the awful thought. On a side note, didn’t actually know they mummified dogs and crocodiles, interesting.

  7. Oh! These images are so amazing–I find exhibits like this to be so inspiring. In Tokyo, I saw a huge collection of strangely-happy clay tomb ornaments…it’s so fascinating how we choose to honor the dead.

  8. hmmm… this is beautiful. when i was in college i took a creative writing class and one of the assignments was to write down everything we knew about our great grandparents. of course, most of us only knew a few facts and maybe an interesting story or two that was handed down from the grandparents. that was their legacy. that was it. we then thought about what few things we wanted to be most known for after we were gone. it was a pretty powerful assignment and this post reminded me a lot of it. what will be remembered after we’re gone?

  9. I love that they mummified their dogs and cats. it shows how much they cared for them. Too bad they weren’t as nice to people in lower casts. I can’t imagine what was like to live at those times, and egyptian are so charming!

  10. Very though provoking indeed!
    Tho I’d prob think more about the present than the future.

    Write a letter to someone important in your life, even if it’s just to say hi.
    Life is too short to think about death, etc…

    p.s. you will definitely be remembered for who you are after you die, everyone is special in their own way x

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