I am a constant satellite of your blazing sun

Brown is such an ordinary color, isn’t it? It’s the color of mud. Poop. Unflattering things.

And actually, quite a lot of lovely things as well.

… moths…

… tea…

… chocolate…

… tree bark…

… sepia toned photography…

… driftwood…

I want one of those lamps in my house.

… wet sand…

… and Vienna Teng’s music video for Gravity.

She’s wearing a pretty dress, playing the piano in the middle of the wilderness. What’s there not to love?

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.


34 thoughts on “I am a constant satellite of your blazing sun

  1. I’m so loving brown now … That driftwood looks like a living creature, walking across the beach.

    Some of my favorite browns are coffee, and always the sandy beach 🙂

  2. Real life is brown – even when it isn’t. Brown isn’t an ordinary color; brown is a spectacular example of the human eye perceiving light and shade. What we think is brown is a combination of hundreds of thousands of minutely different shades which, when viewed briefly, merges to appear brown. There is everything from oranges and yellows through to blues and purples in most real-life examples of brown – reds and copper tones are very common in dirt, for example.

    I’ve spent altogether too much time thinking about this…

  3. Brown is cool with me. It’s the says comfortable, calm, and charming. It’s my favorite chocolate treat; Kit Kat. The “best design on a man.” The crayon colour that’s rarely used.

  4. Brown for chocolate – yummy. Sepia’s brown, correct and I think burnt sienna is. I bet there’re more lovely names on an artist’s pallet. Great imaginative post and lovely photos.

  5. Hi Abby! For me brown is the colour of wood, something pure and natural…Although I must confess chocolate is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about this beautiful colour!
    I´m sure we would have a wonderful conversation while having a cup of tea and cookies 😉

    Hope all your wishes come true this New Year!!!


  6. These pictures are so pretty. and you’re right- colors can be associated with both good and bad things… I like to focus on the beautiful. or in this case.. the tasty… 😛 Glad to see you back to blogging by the way!

  7. Moths scare life out of me, I think I’ve just aged ten years haha.

    But I agree, a lot of lovely things are brown, drift wood I think it my favourite.

  8. Other browns I love: conkers, my daughter’s hair, chocolate-covered brazil nuts, aged oak furniture and the crust on freshly-baked bread. Really wonderful video, thank you for posting it – I’d never heard of her before!

  9. ooh! This is so pretty! Thank you! My eyes are brown and when I was little, I was always so envious of my sister’s pretty blue eyes. She would tell me, “My eyes are the color of the ocean, yours are the color of poop.” Hahahaha. I’m not even kidding! Now I can tell her they’re the color of sepia photographs and chocolate:)

  10. I usually hate the color brown, mostly because it clashes horribly with my skin tone and hair. However pointing out all the pretty things that are brown make it not so bad after all. Thanks for you lovely comment by the way. Your blog is very inspiring.

    Stolen Stiletto

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