Every day I struggle to comprehend the wonder of it all; and failing, can only stop to stare at the leaves that fall.

Silence is good, even wonderful. Though I love words, I keep many of them inside me, only releasing them when it is time. Though I write and have dedicated many years of my life to the proper use of the words, I keep silence. They are things of beauty, often misused. I care for them as if they were my own…


I believe that for such words, for such a word, I would surrender my silence.

PS: I just slogged through midterms.


18 thoughts on “silence

  1. I love you abby. i agree, abby i keep all of my words inside. unspoken. im scared to let go of them, so i care of them for they can break me whenever. so i stay silent and distant. =] anyways thanks this somewhat helped me =3

  2. How very eloquent; it’s almost poetic, it’s so lovely.

    I just finished my midterms as well. Hats off to both of us! Now time for a nap before hunkering down for finals!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous post! My nanna used to say that a person who had the ability to maintain silence was truly a sage. To this day I’m still striving to master the ability!

  4. Love your posts:) I both love and hate silence. Sometimes it’s nice, but sometimes it’s awful. Whenever I go to bed, and it’s completely silent around me I tend to freak out sometimes. Just a little noise is better than complete silence.

  5. Congrats on the midterms.

    You are right, silence and sometimes waiting for the right moment to speak sometimes pays off. I’ve learnt the hard way and still haven’t quite perfected it yet. Good luck dear x

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