paper boats

There’s one thing I think of when I think of paper boats, and that’s happiness.

With that said, I’m very sorry for not visiting blogs and returning comments, or even posting new blogs of my own. But sophomore year is turning out to be a lot busier than I thought, what with all my music classes and reading and practicing I have to do every day, on top of other responsibilities, that it’s really hard to make the time commitment to just sit down and post stuff and return comments. I’m very sorry about this, and though I’ll still be posting now and then, less frequently, I’ll be back in December.

Of course this makes me feel very sad, because blogging is something that’s been very near and dear to my heart for a while. Thank you for staying with me this summer. This is a journey, and I’m glad you could take it with me.

Of course everything will resume December!


20 thoughts on “paper boats

  1. There’s something about releasing a paper boat that’s like making a wish, don’t you think? Hope all is going well with school and you’re managing your workload well!

  2. I used to love sailing paper boats across my grandparent’s pond when I was little – thank you for reminding me of lazy, hazy summer days on a particularly damp autumn one!

  3. We’ll be here when you get back… 🙂 Sophomore year was actually my craziest, so here’s to hoping that this will be the same for you as well. Which means that the worst will soon be behind you. 🙂 Be well!

  4. I’ve been feeling the same way…don’t worry about visiting blogs even tho you’ve been the only one that would comment on my blog==” haha. best of luck in your studies, and YES we will resume on december ! haha. can’t wait to listen to some of your creations. :]

  5. I love the tranquil image portrayed by all those photographs of paper boats. Perhaps we all need a dose of that now and then, and I hope that you do too, even with that sudden influx of work and busy-ness.

    Looking forward to you blogging again this December! All the best for your academic obligations!

  6. I understand! Life gets so busy, it can be hard to fit blogging in! I have been having trouble lately with that!
    I love all these pictures. I love paper boats. So cute!

  7. Good luck with your semester, dear! Don’t feel bad for not blogging, okay!? I mean, after all, you ARE pursuing your dreams by going to school to study music. I can’t wait until you’re back in December! :]

  8. Paper boats remind me of childhood 🙂

    Also, I had no idea you were in sophomore year… of high school? University? For some reason I thought you were much older, married, and with children! I have no idea what gave me that impression! Hope you’re able to manage all your school work 🙂

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