It started out as a feeling…

I’m sure that by now, everyone who’s been following my blog for a while knows that I absolutely love Regina Spektor. If I were a guy, I think I would want to marry her. Her song lyrics are pure magic, and I could probably listen to her all day and not get tired of her amazing voice. Getting a new CD of hers is like opening a box of chocolates: there’s so much wonderful stuff to fall in love with. What song lyric of hers will wind itself in my mind and play itself over and over again and again until it turns itself into a blog post? There are so many possibilities.

So many, that she has her own blog category.

This is a love affair that began the moment I heard “The Call” on the Prince Caspian soundtrack. Absolutely awful movie, which was somewhat redeemed by the inclusion of some Regina Spektor (and Switchfoot’s “This is Home” as a matter of fact. Check it out). I, uh, downloaded it illegally because I had no wish to pay 10 dollars for what would have just been one song (album only? Are you kidding me?). I still wish she’d record it on a new CD or something so that I could officially buy it. (This is the only song that I’ve downloaded illegally. I suffer guilt from this memory, but not enough to pay the requisite 10 dollars.)

It started out as a feeling,
Which then grew into a hope.
Which then turned into a quiet thought,
Which then turned into a quiet word…

Picture from etsy. Song is "Time is All Around," one of my favorite "new" Regina Spektor songs.

“The Call” lead to “Laughing With,” which led to “Fidelity,” which led to… a love affair with any Regina Spektor song I could get my hands on.

The other day, I decided to search on Etsy with the term “Regina Spektor.” And I found some pretty amazing prints! I don’t think my devotion to her music stretches so far as to buy a keychain with Regina Spektor’s face on it, or a key rack like the one on the left, but I’m perfectly willing to buy several amazing Regina Spektor song-inspired prints for the house that I will probably only get in like twenty years.

First, there’s Lisa Chow, an artist/illustrator based in Texas. I love the style of her ink and watercolor drawings — they’re so whimsical! She’s doing a print series called “City of Love” wherein she draws a picture inspired by and named after a song lyrics snippet that the print reflects. Her blog can be found here.

And without further ado, here’s her “Two Birds on a Wire” print.

I love those little red hearts! “Two Birds” is probably one of my favorite Regina Spektor songs. So much so, that I wrote a blog post about it some time ago.

Here’s another print, titled “Hero of this Story.”

Again, the little hearts are so lovely. Probably my favorite out of the two, honestly. I do like the city, though I probably couldn’t stand to live in it forever. This print makes me think of freshman year in college where I lived on the 8th floor of a dorm and I had the most amazing view of the city.

The song it refers to, “Hero,” is on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. I’ve never watched the movie. I do like it, though not as much as some of her others. It’s pretty sad.

I think this next one is my favorite Regina Spektor themed print of all, though, in terms of sheer cuteness and heartbreaking melancholiness (and I’m surprised the latter is an actual word). Painted in watercolor by artist Jordan Lynn Gribble, the print is made up of four small paintings also inspired by the Regina Spektor song “Two Birds.” Which I’ve already mentioned is one of my favorite songs by her, ever.

It does make me feel so sad for the little bird, though.

I think part of the reason I love Regina Spektor so much is that she can find such beautiful, expressive words and phrases to form feelings that are very very real. Her songs are at times sad, nostalgic, regretful, and questioning, but wonderfully alive at the same time. I’m not sure how I can put it better.

I also love how they’re so offbeat. Who would make dolphin noises in a song? Who else but Regina would write a love song using such terms as macaroni computers or hours out of cupboards or little stone hearts?

Or sing about meat markets and helium balloons and orca whales and yet give listeners the sense that these songs are so true to life?

PS: For more Regina Spektor love from me, check out here, here, here, and what is probably my favorite Regina Spektor blog post that I’ve written.

Pictures are from Etsy sellers.


17 thoughts on “It started out as a feeling…

  1. I love the “Two Birds”-inspired print. My favourite animal is the bird, and I generally love bright colours, so it would be something I would buy.

    Beautiful finds. Thanks for sharing with us who one of your favourite artists is. I have music from Regina Spektor in my college desktop, which I should really transfer to my laptop.

  2. This was SUCH a intriguing and colourful post. As you know, I ADORE Regina Specktor’s music as well. She’s like a pouring rain: unpredictable but quite refreshing. Pity me, that I haven’t heard ALL of her songs….but I’m definitely going to listen to more and the ones you’ve named. When you get a chance though, check out Kate Earl. She’s another good listen.

  3. Music is so prevalent and inspiring in my life too. I love, here, how Spektor’s music inspired such beautiful paintings filled with charm, whimsy, warmth and love. One art informs the other. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Echoing Katie, this is a very lovely post. It’s especially good to read something like this on a Monday morning. The pictures are also very visually stimulating. Thank you so much for introducing Regina Spektor to me.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love the two birds on a wire print. After being a blog fan of yours for past couple of months, I actually associate regina spektor and this blog with each other! thanks for sharing all thegreat music & lyrics!

  6. The little heart prints are so sweet. I feel like the artwork you found matches the tone of Regina Spektor’s music really well. I really like the quirkiness in her lyrics, it’s something i feel like i can relate too.

  7. The Lisa Chow print is absolutely stunning!

    Thanks for sharing your fav artist, Regina Spektor. I’ve never heard any of her music but am quite keen now to give it a go.

  8. OMG YES! Regina Spektor is all sorts of fantastical!! I think I love you a little bit more now knowing you have a Regina Spektor category. 😉 She’s such an inspiration though. And I always have a little more respect for musicians that give it their all and can do some mad jamming on a piano.

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