God Bless America

God bless America.

Not because we deserve it. But because we need grace. Not because I’m happy with what America’s done, past, present, and future, but because I think we can be huge idiots.

Even though I would shake my head at many of the things that we’ve been involved in, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we should be given up on altogether.

It’s been nine years since that ugly, ugly reality. God bless the victims, their families, and our troops.

And America.

Pictures from Flickr Creative Commons

36 thoughts on “God Bless America

  1. I can remember that day.. i was having lunch and watching the news when they started to talk about this and showed the images. i was shocked. i couldn’t believe my eyes.
    good bless the victims and their families.

  2. You know, the really sad thing is that we have an amazing freedom – freedom to be individuals; freedom to outwardly choose Jesus Christ and worship our Savior.

    And yet so many take this freedom for granted, but in turn expect God to bless this broken country.

    There are countries where people have never heard the gospel or been given the chance to know their Savior. Their lives are in danger for this very desire, yet they pursue God relentlessly. They are very blessed in that they never, ever take Jesus for granted. They have a greater reward by having Him and little else.

    May we NEVER take for granted the freedom we have to love the Lord in America. May we relentlessly pursue the One who can truly BLESS AMERICA.

  3. I still remember the shock I had after I’ve heard the news, after all these year it’s still shocking that something like that happened. My heart goes to all the people that had lost someone that awful day.

  4. I still remember the day, and what I had been doing when it happened. Although some of the finer details of the event now escape me, and the people who I was surrounded by were not all American, a life is a life is a life. May we remember how the victims lived and not let it get overshadowed by prejudice and unwarranted hate.

    Beautiful post, Abby.

  5. May God have mercy on America.
    It seems like every time I watch the news its about complaining, griping, etc about everyone.

    We would do well to take into account what America means and what it really stands for.

    Well written post Abby.

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