Flower Study

I saw this flower lying on the street and tried to photograph it. I’m very amateur so please forgive the quality of the pictures.

It looked kind of sad… I wonder who had left it there.

Tried to get a close-up shot of the petals…

I rather like the lighting in this next one… and I think it is my favorite. The petals looked as if they were glowing, and I tried to capture that.

And finally. Poor flower.

It makes me wonder further. Have you ever seen a seemingly random object somewhere and felt compelled to make up a backstory for it? Because I’m really curious as to how this flower got there. There weren’t any flowers of the same type growing anywhere around.

Maybe some guy offered a girl a flower and she was disgusted and rejected it. But not before ripping some petals out. God, that’s awfully depressing. Or maybe some guy offered a girl some flowers and one fell and they didn’t notice?

What do you think?

Lastly, please don’t use these pictures without my permission.


44 thoughts on “Flower Study

  1. I think like that…I’ll see something and wonder how it got there and what the story might be. But lately, I’ve been so busy, that I wonder if I would have just passed the flower without noticing. Thanks for reminding me to slow down! (And love the pics). 🙂

  2. Lovely! I’d like to think it had fallen from a drunken reveller’s butonhole and had been lost carelessly rather than being tossed assunder, I’m the eternal optimist! xxx

  3. Don’t apologize for your photographs; they’re lovely. They were taken in the moment and that’s what’s most important. I create little backstories when I find objects too, especially if they’re particularly unexpected objects.

  4. hehehe, i like to think about that too! maybe a boyfriend proposed to his sweetheart and she threw it up in excitement before giving him the biggest hug in the world! :]

  5. Reminds me of a complete ice cream cone that I found on the asphalt one rainy day in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina. I also took a photo before and after my hubby (accidentally) stepped on the cone.

  6. Beautiful flower and photos. I think it escaped when being hurriedly carried in a wrapping of plastic from the local market when a husband was rushing home…late!

  7. Great pics. Yes, I often think of backstories for random items or things I come across. My siblings seem to think of morbid/depressing stories though, lol

  8. I totally always completely definitely make up stories about strange things I find on the ground or things that aren’t “normal” when I can’t figure out why it’s there! hehe, i liked your story…even if it’s sad. Thank you for your blog commenttttttt 🙂 this flower is so cute.

  9. I do this all the time; see a random object, a picture or hear a line from a conversation and start wondering the story behind it 🙂
    I think it helps me cope with this world’s harsh reality!

  10. What a pretty flower 🙂 My backstory for it? A guy bought a girl a massive bunch of flowers, and as he (or the delivery guy) was rushing on his way to deliver them, one fell down without him noticing 🙂

  11. It is interesting to ponder on the story of said lost object. I have wondered about the stories behind random misplaced objects myself. I swear you could write a book on such things.


  12. I love the juxtaposition of the flower and the pavement. It’s a really interesting photo. And as far as making up backstories go, it’s actually one of my favorite games to play whenever I’m stuck in traffic. I make up little stories for all the people in the other cars like who they are and where they’re going. I’m such a dork!!

  13. Lovely photos! I tend to do the same thing, I guess I like everything to have a place and a reason, but if I see something out of the ordinary I create back stories as well. Though, and maybe I’m just the eternal optimist, I prefer your second story as to why the flower was there. I’d like to think that the guy gave the girl a lovely bouquet and when she went to give him a big hug one little guy fell out. xx

  14. you’ve got nice lighting! i like your compositions:) i’m happy that we share this same interest and are both humble about it. Thanks for your sweet comments every time:]

  15. interesting backstories…love photography because it captures the story for those in the know, and then everyone else can fantasize and create their own versions. hmm good food for thought.

    beautiful shots .

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  16. That´s a really pretty flower. The same thing happened to me once, but with an old picture I found on the ground. It was an old picture of a man, probably from the 1940´s. I had no idea how it got there, but I kept it and wondered who that person was and if the man in the photo was still alive.
    Your pictures look really pretty.


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