This is how I work.

This is how my screen looks when I’m working on a new blog post.

Click for large size

Having everything cluttered like that makes me feel busy, I suppose. In some sick way.

And I love Regina Spektor. Haven’t bought this song yet, which is why I’m listening to it on Youtube. I work pretty well listening to music, unless I’m having trouble with something, or need to get my thoughts more together. Or if I have to finish something before I go to bed. Then the music goes off.

Sometimes I collect ideas in a Word document before I type the blog post out into WordPress. I’ve been doing that a lot more lately, especially with longer, more research-consuming posts. At least I call it research. I usually have more than one WordPress window open when I’m blogging, though, because I want to check comments and see my stats.

If I’m doing a picture-heavy post, the corners of the screen get covered with picture files, downloaded from Flickr under a Creative Commons license. Blurred some of them out for obvious reasons.

What does your screen look like when you work?


43 thoughts on “This is how I work.

  1. We’re pretty much the same.

    When I’m composing a post, I have so many tabs open, usually because my posts require factual information and I need to verify them (to use your term “research-consuming posts”). If I have photos in my post, I have Photoshop open to resize them to the standard size that I uphold for my own site. But that’s pretty much all in terms of the posting department. Beyond that is just pure distraction: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, Twitter, StatCounter, Twitter, other blogs, Twitter.. need I say more? All the while, iTunes is playing, and I probably have a few apps open on my charging iPod Touch, which is connected to my computer. A BlackBerry is also involved now and then. How I get anything done is beyond comprehension.

    I also draft posts, but I install WordPress locally onto my computer using MAMP. It’s also how I test out new themes. So I technically have an offline version of my own site, save for the 7 or 8 drafts sitting there, waiting to be published.

  2. Clutter is my arch-nemesis, so for me, it’s a clean desktop. The only icon I like to have is my Recycle Bin, but I currently have a couple picture folders on there. Any application I use is on the Quick Launch Bar (I’m a Windows 7 girl).

    The cool thing about W7 is that you can have two windows open side by side, which is pretty cool since I have a widescreen monitor!

  3. Haha! I like to write my notes/drafts on word documents too! Since I lost all my music on my computer, I like to listen to youtube as well. Have you made youtube playlists? They’re genius!

  4. My screen is different all the time…it all depends on what I’m working on. I try to collect the images I’m using before I start typing, though often I have several tabs opened in my browser (multiple windows drives me crazy). And I have to tell you — every single time I hear Regina Spektor now, I think of you.

  5. I use tons of tabs when I’m drafting posts, but I’m easily as disorganized! I always have at least one Blogger window open, plus Flickr, plus any other blogs I’m referencing, plus my email… I also work well through clutter!

  6. Hi Abby! I know one day (better sooner than later) I would have start organizing and rearranging all my pictures files, as I would say my computer is a bit messy…
    I love listening to my favourite music while drawing, itΒ΄s the best source of inspiration, specially love songs…

    Hope you have a wondeful weekend!! πŸ™‚

  7. I usually have a billion tabs open, lightroom open for photos (which slows everything down so much!), a desktop full of photos for the post. I used to write more of my posts offline, but have been doing most of them in blogger directly. I haven’t lost anything for a while in this respect… but it is kinda dangerous. I add stuff to the clipboard a lot too.

    And yeah, the music hooked up to the speakers, so my laptop isn’t as wireless as it could be πŸ™‚

    I like this kind of post! Fun to see how other people are toiling away, because this blog stuff really is work, no? πŸ™‚

  8. I love Regina, such a beautiful talent.
    My screen’s a disaster, a couple of Blogspot’s open just in case I need to link with anybody else, Picasa and my photo album.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Abby xxx

  9. Nice! I love to see how other people work and to get inside their mind. I used to always work to music, but since I got the kids (I have two) I like the silence. But in the kitchen I always work best to music. My screen is pretty clean. Sometimes I use the notepad to jot down thoughts. But I am really a paper person. I like to write with a pen. On paper. I have notes, lists and novel ideas laying around everywhere. In my purse, on my desk, in my nightstand, in books I’m currently reading. I guess they call that creative chaos…

  10. i like to have a ton of tabs open on mozilla firefox so that when my computer’s being slow i can flick from one website to the other πŸ™‚ i love it! i’ve always got about six tabs open, you know, facebook, tumblr, twitter, hotmail, bloglovin, blogger, etc, etc, etc… :’)
    x xx

  11. I usually have my email pulled up at least, because I need help spelling now and then and usually one of my kids’ homework assignments somewhere in the background that i am supposed to be rechecking! πŸ™‚ Have a GREAT weekend Abby!

  12. my screen is usually a single browser with a bazillion tabs open, like wordpress (obviously), flickr, tumblr, etsy, supermarket, etc., plus my “my photos” folders and the windows media player. recently i’ve been listening to lost in the trees, balmorhea, fiona apple, coldplay, and local natives a lot when i’m blogging. music = a must.

    great post idea, dear!

    xo Alison

  13. My screen definitely has a lot of tabs like this! I usually have blogger, email, several people’s blogs that I am commenting on, facebook maybe….music if I am not listening to it some other way. So many things at once. I guess I feel the same way…it helps me seem busy at times.

  14. For the most part I’m just writing fiction..and I write..I have scheduled post. I will be doing something else and suddenly I’ll have this feeling of what it might feel for this character to do what I’m doing. I feel its good to get a scene done. Let it rest. Go back and see what else you can put into it. Unfortunately, I’m a character driven kind of writer..and some days..maybe weeks I’ll only want to write about those character..only, I’m never sure if the reader really wants to read that story. I’ve only once really fallen to perhaps what the readers wanted when I first started writing about the character ‘eric’..he was suppose to be gay..but I got so many comments about how great it would be if Ellie & Eric got together. I honestly didn’t picture Nic Hoult as him originally, but a friend of mine who is now on an internship in the music business somewhere. Needless to say…maybe it was me, who got bored of them..and thus they both moved on to other people.

  15. when i blog, i like to have just the one or two pages open. since at work i have about 50 tabs open, it feels clean and less cluttered πŸ™‚

  16. I usually have photoshop, illustrator, safari and itunes opened…thanks God for the iMac that can run all this programs without a blink!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  17. I’m exactly the same! It feels more right to feel busy while I’m blogging so I definitely
    Have multiple tabs or windows open. And music is always playing of course πŸ™‚

  18. ItΒ΄s generally not as busy as yours; although right now I have 5 tabs open on my browser, all of them from comments I have to respond to.
    I see you changed the blog layout a bit; I like the background image, it fits in well with the blog.

  19. what a fun post! well, i always work while listening to some sort of music, but not the sleep-inducing kind, haha. then i have my browser with lots & lots of tabs and possibly some file opened with the text i had written offline. always quite a cluttered working space.


  20. Hahah, is it weird that I found this post strangely entertaining? Like super intriguing? Yeah, probably. But that just means that it’s a GREAT POST.

    I usually have two windows open – blogger and tiny pic. And all my pictures scattered on my desktop.

  21. I am definitely a tab girl.

    And I have to be alone. With my music…except that I still listen to CDs. Funny, I know, but I love them. πŸ™‚

    I really love this post, though, and all of the comments. I enjoy hearing/seeing how others work!

  22. I don’t usually work with music…but my screen is always very cluttered! I have so many tabs open all at once, and downloads of images etc stacked along the bottom of my web browser.

  23. my desktop looks a little cluttered with images that I have to select for each post… after that i clean it up because i love the image i have on my desktop… ha! love Regina by the way… have a nice one!

  24. I’ve just written a post on how I keep my blog thoughts in order. Apart from that, I usually have a Spotify window, Skype, and about 3 Chrome windows open: one for Facebook and my email, one for general browsing and one for all the blogs whose comments I have yet to reply to…

  25. AHH! I thought you stole my screen! I never have less than 5 tabs open, haha. This is very interesting to look at and take random screen shots of! Very neat idea, thank you πŸ™‚

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