Picture taken my brother when I was in Maine this summer. I’m not sure why my hair looks that color. My hair is kind of light-colored even though I’m Chinese and I’ve never dyed or bleached it. It’s not black. In this picture it just looks really, really brown.

Also, excuse the messy braid.

Have a great weekend!


39 thoughts on “hair

  1. You have such long lovely hair. I have mine about shoulder length and I’m always so jealous of girls who are able to wear long braids. I love all the braid trends in recent seasons, but I just don’t have enough hair!

  2. Sweet braid. Very unique. Perhaps the sun lightens it too. I used to know a guy who had the darkest curls..but come to Texas for the summer and he had lots of red in it by the end of summer. My friend from Bolivia by way of NYC had very dark chocolate hair and it was so shiny..but she took a very sun bleached Texas guy back home to NYC for the summer and he came back as if he’d become a vampire. His golden tan was gone and his hair so washed out of any color..practically ash.

  3. Abby-

    Thank you so much for your super sweet comments! I love reading your blog and am always SO encouraged by what you have to share. Sorry for being such a terrible blogger friend these past couple of days. I’ve had little access to a computer in between my move! Hope you’re doing well!!! 😀

  4. We have the same colour hair, by the way. I’m also naturally brown-haired, but it’s attributed to the fact that my mother also has brown hair and my matrilineal grandfather is brown-haired and blue-eyed.

    We’re also quite fair, although my mother and I didn’t inherit the blue eyes. =P

    Gorgeous braid! The wisps of hair remind me of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. =)

  5. Braided hair is my new/old favorite look. It always looks so chic. I am jealous your hair is long enough to make a pretty one like that. Nicely messy, I think 🙂

    I want to cut my hair but now I am rethinking it. Ack!

    Bea from A plus B

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