om nom nom nom

I swear, if you are male and get me something from this shop, I will love you forever.

Well, maybe not like that. It would take a lot more than a pretty bauble to get there, but I think the thoughtfulness would get you on your way there. Maybe I’ll at least go out with you once.

3D Macaroon Polymer Clay Studs for 10 dollars


I’m not a girly girl, but things like this put me over the edge. In other words, make me squeal like a little girl. DIVINEsweetness crafts cute and fantastically detailed jewelry from polymer clay from her home in Manila, Philippines. She sells earrings, pendants, decor, bracelets, and hair accents, but specializes in rings. Definitely check out her shop on etsy. So cute and creative!

Cherry Cheesecake Frenzy, 20 USD

Her stuff are a little above my price range at the moment, but hopefully soon. I am really good at making up excuses to buy myself presents.

Tea Party Ring in Polymer Clay. I was looking at it and when I reloaded the page, it had been sold out.

Seriously amazing. Seeing this stuff makes me grin from ear to ear. Even better, because I was tediously cleaning out my rabbit tuft fur collection and my Korean man keychain collection, and happened to take a break and see this on etsy.

Plated Cherry Cheesecake Ring in polymer clay, 18 USD

To top it all off, she is one of the members of a group on etsy called “Miniature Food Jewelry.” They are a collection of artisans who specialize in making out of clay what they call “wearable food jewelry.” They have a blog, a Flickr page, and a Facebook page, which I’ve liked. Definitely check all of the above out.


Pictures from her etsy. Click photos to reach listings. And then click “Add to Cart” and you are all set.


45 thoughts on “om nom nom nom

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  2. wow, those are amazing! They look like the most perfect desserts! How does she do it?? Geesh I would never have the patience for that!

    I hope some sweet man comes by with one of them for you! 🙂 At least give him a date!

  3. OMW! Those are SO cool! I love the ring with like the cupcake rose and sugar cookies on it…..amzing details! At first, I thought it was real food, but then I saw the earrings (second picture) and was like, “Oh my!” Awesome stuff!

  4. Hi, Dear! thx for ur sweet comment in my post.. 🙂
    i really love this post!! the accessories are soooo cute!! ^^
    i’ll definitely open their web,hahaa… 😀
    anw, mind to exchange link? 😉


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