Paper Planes

I’m just putting this post up because I’m lazy and don’t feel like doing more editing. Actually, I’m leaving for a four day trip to Acadia National Park early tomorrow morning and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, hence the picture post. I will probably not have time to visit blogs while I’m there, sadly… or post new blogs. But we’ll see. Thanks for visiting!

I love paper. And things made out of paper. In case you’re wondering why there’s napkins, it’s because I have a slight problem with napkins. My friends and family know that if I eat with them, I’ll end up stealing and using their napkins, to the point where the area around my plate is covered with napkins. Yes, I know it is a problem, and yes, I am working on it. What can I say? I love napkins.

That makes me sound so weird.

Paper things are cool, though. Like …

… paper cranes…

Paper cranes by Shereen M.

… paper stars…

Lucky Stars by Lily Zhu.

… stationery…

Songbird letterpress stationery by Missive by Missive Press.

I ♥ Unko Chan by Warm 'n Fuzzy.

… books…

tome in black and white by andrealeev.

… napkins…

… and Regina Spektor’s music video “Us.”

Isn’t it cool how everything is just paper which she unfolds to furnish her tiny, dark apartment? And then in the end when she crumples everything up, including that piano with the huge keys, back up into paper again. Her outfit is absolutely amazing, too.

Also — stop motion at its best.

I did write a blog post around this song some time ago. Check it out if you want.

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.


54 thoughts on “Paper Planes

  1. Have fun on your trip! I hope it’s a blast. And haha don’t worry we all have weird habits like that.
    And “Us” is by far my favorite Regina Spektor song!! (Well a tie with Samson!)

  2. Abby enjoy your visit to Acadia National Park 🙂 and if, the paper is one of materials more susprising. I like all kind of papers also and napkins with draws…You have seen the napkins in my blog?

    Don´t forget to take many pics of the park…for show us …of course.

    Hugs !!!

  3. Hi! I also love those old clothes and items, they really wake your imagination! Thank you for your sweet words! And this is SO weird! Guess what I did all day? Folded airplanes. And then I come home from work (I am a sub at a school) and see your post! 🙂

  4. Abby,

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. If it makes you feel any better, I’m a cuckoo bird for kleenex. If you open any of my handbags a myriad of tissues will fly out. You’re right-paper is awesome!! Especially those little cranes…the stars are pretty cool though too.


  5. i’m with ya, i love paper crafts, too. these pictures are beautiful! i’ve always wanted to learn how to make the paper stars and store them in a jar:) thanks for sharing!

  6. i actually know what you mean about paper! ha. i was at the met awhile back and there was this exhibit with all these paper artworks or journals or whatever, and i was so in love with it.


  7. Have a good time, it is well to take a few days of holidays. I understand your love for the paper, I too find this very pleasant texture ! And I like the poetry of the paper decors !

  8. Not only do I LOVE Regina Spektor, but I’m currently on a paper crane making kick! I’m going to hang them from my ceiling. Great post!

  9. I’m completely with you on the love of all things paper. that’s pretty much why I started up the Dear Darlings penpal project — so that I had a a good excuse to buy pretty stationery!!

  10. Love paper too! Made a set of kusadama flowers for my desk recently and I just love them!

    Wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment on Walk of Fashion – also my dress is self made! I just cut it out of some old fabric I had, sewing up two seams, finished the ends and done! Took about an hour. : ) Thanks again.

  11. So exciting about your trip, I hope it’s a ton of fun!

    And I’m also oddly obsessed with paper… it’s so simple but it can be turned into so much (and anything that makes books is awesome!). Love the photos! xx

  12. I love napkins too. at the end of every meal, while we’re chatting around the table, my napkins and my friend napkins are turned into things…roses, doll, boats, whatever…
    Enjoy your vacation! When you come back, if you like, there is a little award for you at my stupid blog…

  13. Regina Spektor’s video is genius! I love it. I first heard in the intro to 500 Days of Summer.

    I really like how this post turned out. Especially the whole paper theme. Very nice.

    I hope you have a great time on your upcoming trip!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


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