I hallucinate a cat between my feet…

I really want a cat.

Just saying.

My most memorable encounter with a cat was in Taiwan, when I visited relatives. My aunt had a three-color (meaning lucky) cat which was the meanest cat ever. She hated human beings, regarding them as lowly, hulking beasts of burden unworthy of any notice except when it was time for them to serve the Master of the house with kitty kibble.

Even the kitty kibble was often deemed unworthy. Only the finest chicken, which she nibbled delicately on the floor, was merely adequate for her desires.

In any case, she would scratch people who picked her up, and typical of some cats, only deigned to sit in the laps of those people she favored.

I wasn’t one of those people.

Maybe it was because I liked to tease her. I did spend much of the vacation chasing the cat around the house and pulling her tail and doing whatever it is that small children like to do to mean cats to see their reactions and make them less indifferent.

Except that I was 14 and in high school.

I once had a dream that I was moving out of my dorm and I found a grey kitten in a trash can. I took it home and took care of it and loved it and fed it and called it Fuzzy.

Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get a kitty of my own. Most likely, with my luck, I’ll end up marrying a dog person who hates cats or something.

Random cat pictures collected from Flickr, Creative Commons license, and used with permission.


42 thoughts on “I hallucinate a cat between my feet…

  1. Even though kittens are ridiculously cute, the abundance of stories I’ve heard about older cats makes me think twice. There was an interview with Ron Perlman which described the smell of all those cats on the set of Hellboy. Ew.

  2. I think everyone needs a cat. Cats take on their owners’ personality. My cat is pretty independent during the week (like me) but likes me right up under us when we’re both home on the weekend. This morning, she’s been reaching out to grab my arm so that I would pay her attention instead of blogging. I hope you do get a cat!

  3. Ha! I loved this post so much. I’m definately a cat person. They are such intruiging creatures, every one I’ve lived with has had a totally different personality. Strangely our house is haunted by a cat, our two moggies play with it and we often catch it disappearing into thin air…weird but true. x

  4. I love the third picture down, the cat on the left!! His face is just so cute, I can’t help it!! I’ve never had a cat, but I think they’re quite cute. Plus, I love that they have attitude. I find it hilarious.

    xoxo, Ashley

  5. I wish I could have a cat. They can be such loving creatures. You know, when you aren’t pulling their tales or chasing them around =) Sweet post.

  6. Now I want a cat for you! 🙂 When I was much younger, I had 2 cats; Brandon and Sydney. We couldn’t keep them, so we sent them aways…..I’m TOO sad to say where. My last cat when I became grown was Cooney – she was so SPECIAL to me, but someone stole her… 😦 So no more cats for me…I’ll just be going thru the fantasy of them hehe 🙂 Hope you’re having a fab day 🙂

  7. First question I ask when I meet a guy I kind of like: ” Do you like cats? I have eight “. Then the guy usually disappears. But, as someone said, be aware of people that don’t like chocolate and cats. I found a kitty in the trash can and she ‘s been with me for eight years now, her name is Susanna. She sleeps on my desk while I’m working and purrs even if I don’t touch her. She’s happy just being next to me. Much better than any guy I’ve met.

  8. I love cats, and I’ve always had at least one in the house since I was a baby. Some cats can be pretty stuckup, but you can get lucky and end up with a cat that’s mostly cuddly and affectionate.

  9. Cats are so wonderful. And having more than one seems even better, since they can play with each other and their little personalities seem to shine so much more!

    p.s. thank you so much for the congrats! 🙂 swimming in the arctic, eh? i wonder what you were doing there!

  10. These cats are all so cute. I thought about getting a cat a little while back, but my apartment just has no room for a litter box. I suppose I’ll just have to continue on without a pet. Someday, I’m hoping to have a place big enough to get a dog.

  11. haha i love it when you say maybe you’ll end up marrying a dog person who hates cats. hahaha. totally, most boys like dogs and hates cats..I mean..cats are not all that feminine.. Well I’m in college and I still like to tease the cat in my house haha. By the way thanks for your support to my blog all along TuT…you are my only reader haha.

  12. I have two cats you can come pick up right now! We have to move soon and I have no idea what we are going to do but we can’t take them with us. Ugh! Great photos! I hope you do get a kitty one day. 🙂

  13. Cats are amazing creatures! I could not have a cat until I was in high school and that was a fight. I am always happy with my pet cats! Cute picture!

  14. Cats are amazing. I used to wish for a kitten so badly and then one day we (my parents and I) rescued a kitten and voila, I have a mutant ninja in my house.

  15. hahaha, this post is hilarious. that cat sounds just like my sister’s cat, the bitchiest cat i’ve ever come across. she’s actually a little bipolar, as one minute she’ll let me pet her and purr, and then the next she’ll change her mind and try to bite me….

    (p.s. i now want a cat named fuzzy.)

  16. My S/O was allergic to cats…but then a teenage-mother-cat brought her kittens to us and I tamed a little feral kitten, and now the little kitten is a ferocious beast that sounds a lot like your aunt’s cat (except that he never sits in anyone’s lap, not ever)…anyway, my point is that the right cat has a way of finding the appropriate human, and one will probably find you one day too 🙂

  17. I knew a cat like Taiwan, she hated all humans- except meal times 🙂
    Hopefully, you’ll marry a cat person and get as many cats as you like! (I hope to marry a dog person since I have two already but with my luck, I think I’ll end up marrying a cat person!)

  18. Awww…kitty pictures.

    You should definitely get a cat. Cats tend to like the food givers.

    Your story about chasing the cat around reminded me of something one of my boyfriend’s sons said this week: “Sometimes I pick Sapphire (his cat) up by the tail because that’s the only way I can catch her to hug her.” Cute, but I’m never letting him near my cat again.

  19. Aww those cat pictures are just adorable.
    I love cats, way more than dogs. My cat is not exactly friendly, he prefers to be adored instead hehe. I love him to pieces.

    Hope you can have a cat one day =)

  20. Great title..well, I have a cat. And I thought she was dying. She wouldn’t get out of the litter box. Thankfully, she’s not sick. Just a behavior problem. She’s on some antidepressants..at the moment. When I was younger we had a cat who came from England, but we came one day and she was just lifeless..so we had to put her to sleep. Of course, my brother and I were so ..”What do you mean, mom? She sleeps all the time, anyway?” Anyway, after she was put down, we would have dreams of her and think she was in the corner where she always was for an awful long time. She was black and white. Finally, we got a new cat who I thought looked like her son if she were to ever have a son. I still have him too. But some friends were moving and gave us a Simese. She is huge and well..very interesting..and quirky. She likes wine and beer. So on holidays you have to be careful around her or she’ll drink up what is in your glass if left on the coffee table.

  21. You should definitely get a cat. The best pet ever in my opinion and to think I wasn’t even a cat person until 6 years ago when we got Tenshi. Anyway, if you do decide on getting one I am sure you’ll not regret it.

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