I keep on seeing with my mind’s eye a girl with paper butterflies cradled in the palm of her hand.

When the wind blows, she sets them free.

Palms open toward the sky.

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.

33 thoughts on “Summerfall

  1. Your words are always so lovely. (: Sorry for the late reply, I was at my boyfriend’s cottage for the week so I had no access to the internet! I’m not sure how I made it through, haha!

  2. aww you are soo sweet ā¤ i'm smiling like a fool because i absolutley hate my legs!!! my calf muscle šŸ˜¦

    you are my most amazing/faithful reader!!

  3. Do paper butterflies symbolize human dreams and hopes? You build them in your own mind and then you let destiny (wind) take its course. Some might fall, some might reach the sky.

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