Den of thieves

I’ve realized that my posts have been kind of depressing so far. I apologize in advance for that! This is one of my favorite songs by Regina Spektor, and the music video is so awesome in terms of design and creativity and the stop-motion. I had to write a blog post about it, and the words finally came, even if they are a little sad. I want to be encouraging as well, so I tried to put some of that in there, too.

Thank you for reading! And happy posts are coming up.

We’re living in a den of thieves
Rummaging for answers in the pages
We’re living in a den of thieves
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious
And it’s contagious

An echo from faraway alerts one person that not everything is all right.

One person sees the other searching, and realizes that there’s been something missing all his life that he hasn’t been able to put a name or a word to. He doesn’t know why. All he knows is that it’s there, nagging at him, even though he’s tried to drown it out with his headphones. Even though he’s pushed it down until it’s become a soft but irritating buzz that never quite goes away. He’s used distraction all his life to remove the feeling, but it hasn’t quite worked.

He can’t shake the feeling that somehow everyone knows about his problem and is laughing at him. Silently. Secretly, behind closed doors and windows.

They made a statue of us
And put it on a mountain top
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs for fun, for fun

The sight of his fellow neighbor searching for something, any comforting meaningless nonsense answer, brings it all back to the forefront. The fear that his life will never amount to anything. That his bleak life will end just as it has begun, without him being blind and deaf and mute, always thinking but never knowing. Feeling too much and feeling too little all at once, and being slowly drained dry.

They’ll name a city after us
And later say it’s all our fault
Then they’ll give us a talking to
Then they’ll give us a talking to
Because they’ve got years of experience

There’s too much conflicting information coming his way, and he can’t handle it. He doesn’t understand. The voices keep on coming, and he can’t stop it. He can’t stop anything.

Oh, and the loss…

We wear our scarves just like a noose
But not ’cause we want eternal sleep
And though our parts are slightly used
New ones are slave labor you can keep

As the time passes by, we feel the stares, the awkward silences.

They made a statue of us
They made a statue of us
The tourists come and stare at us
The sculptor’s marble sends regards
They made a statue of us
They made a statue of us
Our noses have begun to rust

Our noises are rusting, and it’s so cold. Winter is coming and we have to stop soon.

We are living in a den of thieves, always rummaging for answers and clues wherever we can find them. Until the books are all worn and old, and we leave them, scattered pages, right where we found them.

Without having ever found the answer, or even remembering what the question was.

Don’t give up.

And it’s contagious, it’s contagious

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.

32 thoughts on “Den of thieves

  1. it’s okay if your words sometimes reflect depressing emotions. what’s necessary is that you are able to express some real feelings in a way that people can comprehend. 🙂

  2. Such beautiful words and images you create with them. Don’t apologize for the “depressing” posts — if we couldn’t experience the range of emotions, we’d never appreciate the good days. All of it — the happy, the sad, the good, the bad — is part of life and deserves to be celebrated. Sometimes we forget how precious this gift is.

  3. Hey Abby, Thank you so much for sharing, I think I’ll ad this to my Mixpod.

    This is your blog and it reflects you. Don’t worry about posting happy post just be you in the process. Have a great week Hun.

    Luv Lisa xxx

  4. i think it’s good to be sad sometimes…as lond as it’s part of a process. I’m always extremely sad before I get extremely happy.
    I love this song.

  5. Welcome the happy post, don’t worry for a depressing post, they are necessary to cure us. All is a process.
    All the emotions, bad or good, happy or sad teach us somewhat.
    Have a happy Monday …but if you need to write about of the sad again, do it!

  6. If you want to let out your sad side on your blog, you have every right to do so, this is YOUR space, don’t apologize for posting what you want or how you feel at the exact moment.
    I heart Regina Spektor (I think I might have said that before). Even her slower songs are cheery to me.

  7. Your post has many powerful sentences that could also be powerful outside the post, standing on their own. As it is, they fit together well and create a harmony of emotion. I especially like: “Feeling too much and feeling too little all at once, and being slowly drained dry.” I suppose I can admit that I not only like it. I often feel it.

    Your words remind me of an Anna Nalick song “Breathe.”

    Thank you for being honest in your written expressions.

    Don’t force emotions. Your happy posts will come when they come and that is perfectly perfect.

  8. Abby, This is such a beautiful song as are your thoughts on it. It’s OK, real life isn’t all balloons all the time. But it’s good to see the brightness, even in the gloom.

  9. Happy posts, sad posts, angry posts, funny posts…they all express whatever sentiment we may be feeling at the moment we wrote them. Ergo, they´re vital since they are our “voice”. I enjoy reading all of your posts whatever the tone!

  10. My goodness I love the way you write. I don’t think this post was depressing at all. It is thought provoking. Without sadness we can’t appreciate happiness. AAAAAND I love Us by Regina S. Totally sang along as I read the lyrics. 🙂

  11. This is my favorite song by Regina for sure! I love this post. I don’t mind the more sad posts at all. They have all been appropriate for me lately. I have missed reading your wonderful posts. I am slowly catching up though!

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