i won’t let go of your hand

Two birds on a wire
One tries to fly away and the other
Watches him close from that wire
He says he wants to as well but he is a liar

– “Two Birds” by Regina Spektor

I was trying to find a Youtube video with the song, and I found this utterly charming music video, filmed and directed by Alex Calleros and starring Adele Watkin and Dan Beckner.

I think it’s absolutely beautiful, not to mention poignant. And it almost makes me want to cry.

Both song and music video illustrate so well what happens when a couple grows apart instead of growing together. Maybe one wants the two of them to keep moving forward in life. However, the other one is, for some reason, afraid. Maybe afraid of what those changes might mean. Afraid that things won’t be the same.

Afraid that if he (using he because of the music video, though it can always be a she) himself were to change, he would no longer be in control of anything.

The sky’s too big.

Exhausted even before he makes the effort, he sits on the couch and plays video games.

Two birds on a wire
One says c’mon and the other says I’m tired

He is the bird clinging to the wire, while the other bird, the one who wants to fly away with him, keeps telling him that he’s slowly killing himself where he’s at.

I’ll believe it all
There’s nothing I won’t understand
I’ll believe it all
I won’t let go of your hand

In retrospect, it looks foolish. His bird companion wants to help him. She takes him as he is and tries to understand where he’s coming from. At the same time, she knows that he can’t stay on the wire. We were never meant to just stay where we are. Birds fly, even if the sky is overcast. We can’t avoid change, however much we’d like to. Even though change is scary.

But when change can be a beautiful thing as well?

She’s even promising not to let go of his hand.

The sad thing is that she can’t sit on the wire with him forever, either. Eventually she will have no choice but to leave him on the wire, if he wishes to stay there. Even sadder, these are two people who have made a commitment to each other, out of love. He delays her journey from the wire as well as his own by leading her on, telling her that sure, he’s going to do it when really he’s not.

He says that he will but he’s just a liar

How many times have I wanted things to remain the same as they ever were? How many times have I purposely kept myself from moving just so things could stay as they were?

We can all be scared little birds sometimes, but we have to move on and let go of the wire if we are to live the full life that we were meant to live.

After all, the sky is a big place.

But we’re not alone.

I won’t let go of your hand. . .

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.


45 thoughts on “i won’t let go of your hand

  1. How moving and truly inspiring, you have touched my heart with your beautiful post, thank you for just being you, you’re awesome, Love, Hugs & Kisses, J, xoxo
    PS: thank you so much for your kind words at my blog, your sweet comment is deeply appreciated, and keep in touch :), XOXO

  2. Beautiful inspiration. Sometimes making the actual decision to do something, or to change, is the scary part. After that, the sky’s the limit.

  3. I’m loving your Regina Spektor phase! And I’ve been the bird that wants to stay on the wire. I’m still on the wire. heehee ^^

    Heavenly Forest is sad, really sad, but so beautiful at the same time. Please watch it and tell me how you felt. : )


  4. Regina just has this amazing voice that gets to you..everytime, you listen. & she really makes you listen to her words. Loved the video.

    For the most part, I am writing about “relationships” and how they evolve…(recap)Before Eric met Syd, he was a mess. He was rather low. He’d gotten a friend of his ..girl pregnant because she was the nearest thing to home when he met her by chance in Europe last summer, but then, she hooks up with someone who’s practically his enemy..and he was sure he’d never be a part of that baby’s life..& then at Thanksgiving he had a one night stand with Liz, just to get a call the next morning from a girl who owned the cat that lived at the studio apartment he rented..& thus the quest for Syd began. He knew he was in love with her before he ever saw her. Yet here he is with her, with his baby on the way and the child he didn’t think he’d ever get to know. Hope that wasn’t too much information for you.

  5. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see that you are going through Regina Spektor phase- seems like she was the inspiration for this lovely post! I’ve moved around quite a bit and sometimes I have yearning for the past (my childhood/ early formative years) when things were constant, safe and warm. But like you said… we all have to move on and I’m glad that I’ve found a companion.

  6. Wow, this was just beautiful! I know it sounds a little silly, but I actually did cry a teeny bit. It’s just such an amazing song and a great video to go with it. Not to mention your explanation of it was spot on and wonderfully written. (:

    As for the comments enabled on tumblr, it’s through a site called Disqus, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it – I didn’t up until a few days ago when I installed it on my tumblr. I can’t remember exactly how I did it, but once you sign up on Disqus.com I’m pretty sure it’s straightforward. (:

    And thanks for deleting that comment! This whole trying to be anonymous thing is a little new for me, haha. 😛

    Now I’m off to listen to that song on repeat!

  7. Omgah that video is exactly like the movie the Break Up, no?? I wonder what happens after they meet each other again! Even though I am a firm believer of never getting back with your exes, for the sake of entertainment, I hope they get back together…

    Lol thanks so much for this post, it was wonderful. You analyzed the meaning of the song and video beautifully.


  8. I love this post! Your posts are always so thought-provoking. I love it. I really like that video in all it’s cuteness and sadness. Your words here couldn’t be more true! It makes me sad. I have been on both sides I think….wanting to fly away…and in other ways I just want everything to stay the same, which makes everything so confusing. What do I really want?
    Thank you for this post! I will be reading it again!

  9. Hi Abby
    How strange is this combination of proximity and separation between two lovers birds.(Also between two lovers humen) 😉
    We do not must fear the changes, sometimes they can be pretty…and to be somewhat good.

  10. I think a Regina Spektor phase should be a requirement for everyone. It’s all about letting go and allowing emotions and truths to emerge… beautiful post.

  11. I feel sorry for the guy, but she has done the right thing leaving him. You can’t stay with someone who plays videogames all the time…wait!! It was fiction? Uhm. It felt so real.

    This was a short movie, not just a video. We should all write to the director and ask him to film “birds on a wire 2″…

  12. What a great post, and a great video. I was really pulled in by the message, the sadness, and the reality of the message. Thank you so much for introducing me to that song!

  13. I really, really, really enjoyed this post. The video, the lyrics, your commentary, all so true.

    I totally love this.

    Happy weekend, sweetie 🙂

  14. The sky is too big…and so maybe we should look forward, at what is in front of us, and take one step at a time. So that we can appreciate the little things, the little moments, and what we already have.
    Your posts are beautiful, and they always make me think…

  15. How very, very insightful! I love reading your thoughts and interpretations of songs. It gives so much meaning to songs that I once overlooked. Thanks so much for sharing!

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