I could speak till nothing’s left unspoken

I love words. In my blog posts, I have a tendency to become very wordy. A blog post that is supposed to be a list of five places I want to visit becomes a 1000+ word essay on the wonderfulness of those five places even though I haven’t visited them yet. I need the little word count feature to keep track of whether I’ve rambled on for too long, and when I should at least attempt to tie the post up without going on for another thousand words.

Too many words.

I fear that I am simply using words for the sake of using words — to fill up empty spaces and empty silences and drowning out the sounds of my own thoughts instead of expressing them.

Because of this, I feel as if it is a good thing for me to sit and listen without talking too much.

Sometimes it’s good to be still and let the silence speak volumes.

meadow by gato-gato-gato.

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.


51 thoughts on “I could speak till nothing’s left unspoken

  1. I agree with the silence thing but I have to say even though your post do kinda go on for long the words you write are still great! And meaningful 🙂

  2. I love words and i love silence. There are right moments for both things. Well written words are never enough…so is silence sometimes.
    Your blog was a recent discovery but I really love reading what you write.

  3. I love taking the words and message that a photograph suggests, and making a blog post out of those words. There are so many ways to use words, photos that reach people at so many levels 🙂

  4. i feel you! i mean, when i blog… i compose a blog post i find it difficult to stop writing, even when it’s obvious that i have rambled on and on about the same thing. i am the same way with speaking and i get into a lot of trouble by loving WORDS so much…

    in other words, do not worry about it cus you’re not alone. hahaha!

  5. yes, but your very desciptive.
    I know where your coming from on this post hun!

    am I the only one who feels like I dont write enough?!
    xoxo anna

  6. “The sound of silence” or “sometimes silence makes a sound” . These phrases are good paradox.
    All comunications has your intervals…more or less words are somewhat very personal.
    There is not limits or rules …
    Enjoy the words and the silence …
    Have a nice weekend

  7. i love words too! i always want to write tons in each post, but always end up reducing the word count drastically before publishing. i’m afraid it will scare people away. especially when i don’t include pictures. haha!! i agree with you that silence can be golden but sometimes you just need to write tons! after all, you seem to be a really good writer. your words really flow. 🙂

    to reply to your comment on my ponytail post– i’m not sure what kind of pony tail holder you were using before, but i used to use the thicker ones, and those ones ripped my hair out. i then switched over to the thinner ones which are WAY more gentle. if you don’t have a ton of hair, you can probably get away with doubling or tripling them. 🙂


  8. Aww… thanks for the comment on my blog.

    And, as someone who only really writes poetry, I couldn’t agree more.
    Silence and a small measure of words works wonders.

    Take care and be well : )

  9. Hey, thanks for following my tumblr, I really appreciate it! I really don’t have a clue how to comment on people’s tumblrs.. if that’s possible.. but, anyways, I love your writing style, and I definitely wouldn’t worry about being too wordy – from what I’ve read so far, it’s all been very meaningful.

    Oh dear, I’m sorry to be spamming your comment box, but is there any way you could delete my last comment? I used my regular email and my gravatar of myself showed up… not good, considering with this tumblr I’m trying this whole ‘anonymous’ thing. Can you tell I’m a total noob? Oh my…

  10. Hmmm, I love words too. I’m constantly either writing or talking. But you’re right, it is important to just be quiet sometimes. It can be hard though. Ha,ha.

  11. I’m the same way. I can be very wordy and go on and on and on because I feel like I have to to get my point across. However if you can listen and balance being wordy or using too many words than you’re golden 🙂 Words are meant to be used!! hehe xo

  12. Silence can be so powerful sometimes! I enjoy words whether written or spoken but there is nothing I love more than a long comfortable silence.
    Lovely blog!

  13. Hey
    My mom LOVES words as well, she thinks they’re beautiful. I did a post on it a while back. I don’t feel there’s really anything wrong with being wordy, as long as what you’re “wording” is meaningful. And so it’s true, Silence is GOLDEN.

  14. Hi Abbie!
    You have the passion and drive to write and your words reflect this…So no empty words on your posts!!
    Sometimes I wonder if the same word can have a total different meaning depending who uses them…Maybe there are no empty words, but bad listeners…

    Hope you are enjoying your holidays!! 🙂

  15. I never mind wordy posts, but it’s so hard to tell as the writer whether anyone will enjoy reading your posts as much as you enjoy writing them. I struggle with this same problem! I always feel like I *NEED* to include at least one picture to give some visual interest.

  16. If I blogged in Portuguese (my mother language) I’d probably write and ramble a lot but I don’t since my English vocabulary isn’t that rich hehehe!

  17. Thanks for the comment on my blog – I love yours. Words always have meaning, no matter how ‘wordy’ you get. So don’t let that stop you! It sometimes benefits a writer to just write what they feel and what they’re thinking in that moment; then go back, re-read what they wrote, and pick out the parts that really matter.

    I love your blog, and thanks for visiting mine. Enjoy the summer!

    Xo Discovering Elegance

  18. Thank you!
    And yes, words are so liberating sometimes; although I do agree in that there are moments where I simply want to fill empty spaces with meaning; because empty spaces are possibly the most haunting, they make us remember everything once-forgotten, don’t they?
    Love, Athena.

  19. I become quite wordy in my posts as well – I tend to ramble on and on without realizing how far I’ve gone already. I have to cut out parts of my posts quite often because I find them to be too wordy.

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