i’m gonna steal yours too

I love you, don’t you see
You stole my heart in 1-2-3
I love you, yes it’s true
You stole my heart and
I’m gonna steal yours too

Stole My Heart by Annie Little and Marcus Ashley (Little and Ashley)

Little teaser post on a new song that I found. It’s free to download on Amazon for a limited time only. Download EP here.

To my mind, this is the perfect summer song. It’s so carefree and whimsical and manages to be a sweet little love song at the same time. I’m pretty sure this is also the soundtrack to my summer.

A review of the EP will be forthcoming. Stay tuned, and enjoy the song!

Flower Meadow by *Kitto.

daisy chains by Adam Foster | Codefor.

Wild flower meadow by Martyn @ Negaro.

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.


31 thoughts on “i’m gonna steal yours too

  1. A nice little summer ditty going on there. It’s interesting how some songs just say summer, and always bring us to a summer moment. This could be one of those.

  2. What a perfect song. I love it. Thanks so much for the wonderful music suggestions — you rekindled my love for “Eet” a few days ago too :]

  3. This is a wonderful start every day – I’m going to play it before checking my in-box. You’re right, the pictures (and the music) is very summery. Perfik!

  4. Ohhh student of piano ! Excellent. My father and my brother are teachers of music .They play the piano. I study violin when was young.
    This song is very rhythmic, soft and happy. Perfect to relax in summer.
    Thanks for your comments.

  5. Hey 🙂

    So, that’s who SINGS that song. Love it! It’s so dainty, junpy and sweet. Music that’s soothing, pleasant and makes me feel like I’ve traveled into another time (if only but for a minute) is what I adore. Thanks for sharing!

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