it’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song

For some people, the forgotten song is one they sung for years and years before “life” got in the way. Or a dream they used to chase until disappointments and sadnesses blurred out the memory of the dream until only vague pictures and scenes were left.

For some, it’s the joy found in simple things, before life got so complicated.

Little things, like cloudy days. Or a simple mug of hot chocolate while the rain falls outside. Taking the time to drink in all the beauty that is to be found in open seas, grassy meadows, magnificent forests. Things are spectacular as the waves rushing in on a stormy night, or the simple stark beauty of a bright red starfish sitting in a rocky tide pool at dawn.

Little moments of solitude, with nothing more than a cup of tea and stillness.

Or the simple thread of melody from a favorite piece of music. Playing that melody over and over and never getting sick of it. Singing the words that fit so well to that beautiful melody… and then lending the CD to your friends to listen, too.

Or falling so deeply and surely in love.

you can't believe it, you were always singing along

Or simply being happy.

But what happened? One morning, you awoke, feeling that something was terribly wrong. Throughout the day, try to sing it like you’d always done, but find that for whatever reason, you couldn’t. It’s out of tune, the words are all wrong, the rhythm can’t be felt, and the magic is gone.

It’s like that one book you read over and over when you were a child. The words flowed together so smoothly, and the story held you enthralled through many rainy weekends. The pages became dog-eared and wrinkled from the love you gave it. You could recite whole passages from it, that’s how well you knew it.

Then one morning, as you got older, you suddenly realized that you hadn’t read that story, or even thought about it, for a while. You tried to recall passages and scenes, and only vague pictures came up.

Perhaps you felt like Lucy of the Chronicles of Narnia, where during one of her journeys she read a story “for the refreshment of the spirit.” However, she realized that the magician’s book she was reading wouldn’t let her turn backwards to read it again.

How can I have forgotten? It was about a cup and a sword and a tree and a green hill, I know that much. But I can’t remember and what should I do?

— C.S. Lewis, Voyage of the Dawn Treader

What should you do, indeed?

It was so easy and the words so sweet

Or was it that the words were meanwhile slipping away day after day while life became more and more muddled and confused?

You spend half of your life trying to fall behind

How did something that used to come as effortlessly as breathing now be so difficult?

Or just… falling out of love.

There are those around you who asked, Did we even ever have a favorite song? Doubts creep in. There are those that choose to forget, opting instead to fill their lives with motion blur and noise so as to prevent the awareness of the dissonance to creep in.

You’re using your headphones to drown out your mind

Oh, to be blind, and deaf, and to forget all that one once knew…

We’re too busy, and it’s too hard to move.

However, maybe you are different. The thought of not remembering, not knowing, not feeling that thing which was a part of yourself for so long before you lost it almost drives you to desperation.

Many of us, instead, are searching for the words to that favorite song. Hearing someone pass us on the street, humming the tune, we turn our heads, hoping to catch it before it goes. A simple black and white photograph catches our attention… but then we discard it when the words don’t come. Or maybe a friend inadvertently speaks a sentence that sparks a faint memory. “What did you say?” We lean forward.

As if listening for some faint and faraway sound.

You can’t remember, you try to feel the beat.

It’s a maddening, maddening itch you can’t scratch. And so, you continue to search.

After all, we can bear the sadness.

It’s the emptiness of forgetting that we can’t stand.

And the encouraging reminder that there are others who have found theirs.

You can’t remember, you try to move your feet

And when you do find it, it will be like coming alive.

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photos for credits.

I also credit Maggie for the inspiration. She is an awesome lady, who is going to China to serve others. I know that she will do awesome things for God, and inspire so many others while she does it. Read her blog!

Further credit goes to Regina Spektor, who wrote the beautiful song on which this blog post is based.

41 thoughts on “it’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song

  1. this post is beautiful, and really gets me thinking. First of all, I love that Regina Spektor song. Secondly, I know what it’s like to “forget the words to your favorite song” too… recently I’ve been looking back at my life, which seems to be moving so fast. I try to remember the days when I was braver, had bigger dreams, had so much potential, and then… I don’t know what happened. Somehow I got stuck, while the rest of the world moved on.
    PS. I have no idea if that made any sense, lol

  2. This was really a beautiful blog post. Makes me reminisce about the days I used to watch Bugsy Malone and speak with the characters. I knew every line in the movie, and now I can’t even remember what it’s about…
    And that one lullaby I used to sing at least fifty times a day… I only remember that the word “solemn” was repeated.

    This blog post was kind of sad, but still so very, very sweet and innocent.
    I miss the good old days.

  3. Well said and well done. I’m searching for the beat right now in my life and pieces like this put me one step closer. Terri

    PS: I stopped by via Maria’s blog block party!

  4. Oooh, good post. Sad. I’m constantly fighting to remember the song…but at least I can remember, now, that it’s worth fighting for. I hope the day never comes when I forget it.

  5. I understand that, i think. I had a time in my life where everything looked like a blurred photo. So i did a very stupid move, or at least that’s what people told me: i stopped, left my job, moved to another town alone. I wanted to live the dream i had when i was a child. sometimes i feel like i’m going nowhere, sometimes i feel that i’m trying, and that’s at least half of the dream coming true. I see people surrending all around me. I see people not even trying to get what they want, to be happy. Wherever i’m going, i’m trying to be what i wanted to be and i’m trying to be happy. Risk is the word i guess.

  6. I *heart* Regina Spektor 🙂
    Second, I think that growing up means leaving behind old favorites, and forgetting the words to our favorite songs or books. I guess I don’t expect that my favorite song will remain my favorite song, I am pretty sure it will change because I will change. And we will all change, and continue to change, and nothing will be perfect…(if that all makes sense).
    Beautiful post, by the way…

  7. Beautifully written post. It’s so true. Sometimes we can feel so in tune, the spring in our steps, everything is alright, excellent even. Then other days or realmente bouts of time, we feel a little off kilter. What happens during those times and how do we get back in tune and remember the words? A worthy, difficult, poetic circumstance to revel in and write about.

  8. Your posts are incredible — I just added you to my blog roll because I want others to wander over here. And as strange as it is to forget words to a favorite song, sometimes it feels good because sometimes it’s a sign that you’ve grown and moved past certain hard times in your life. Music has always been a soundtrack for me and changing the soundtrack really helps now and then — it’s inspired me to look at the world differently.

  9. I’ve read the post twice and I’m still not sure what to make of it, other than to say, it inspires unique opinions and I think mine will be far off the beaten path than the others I’ve read thus far, and even perhaps a mite off from what you intended? Not sure. 🙂

    I don’t look back; I look forward. Things forgotten aren’t typically bittersweet for me. I don’t go looking for what’s past. But when the sweet memories find me after a time, I rejoice in them.

    The song is the moment you’re in. A joyful tune. A sad ballad. A quiet hum. A brassy upbeat piece that makes you want to jump out of your skin from excitement!

    More often than not, songs of worship are my closest companion, matching my steps through life.

  10. Hey 🙂

    You’re such an insightful and creative writer, it’s like I feel as though you’re always searching and READING exactly in my mind. For the most part of things, I just zone out…until i just shut down. Most times music is of a distraction to me 😦 Therefore, I escape to writing….even if that’s to some random email I’ve never wrote.

    Have a fab weekend!

  11. I like to refer to those days of simple solitude as salad days, both a relevant reference in meaning, and to my favorite childhood books by L. M. Montgomery — those books have a deeply personal resonance and remind of life before it got busy, before I jumped onto the never-ending treadmill that is adolescence. Your post makes me want to look back, and re-visit those books, just in hopes of knowing that “song” from my life.

  12. This post makes me remember one of my favorite places from my childhood: the massive field of Black-Eyed Susan daisies on my grandparents land. Thousands of daisies! I would play there for hours until dusk, when my grandmother would call me in for a bowl of her homemade chicken soup.

  13. This post is beautiful! Your great at explaining things I have to say! I’m only 12 and I haven’t experienced anything like that yet…. Maybe the book one but nothing else.
    This post has really helped :)) Thank you for your comment, it made me smile :))

  14. Beautiful song – I’d never heard it before. The words are so poignant and so are yours. Inspiring and excellent blog post. Do you think that as we get older, we get disillusioned? I’m going to try my hardest not to forget the words! Ever.

  15. What beautiful and inspirational sentiments. It’s so hard to remember to appreciate simple pleasures in life! And I adore Regina Spektor, I think she has such talent and intelligence.

  16. Very beautiful sentiment here. The simple things in life seem to carry the deepest meaning, somehow. They have a way of evoking goodness, nostalgia, peace.

    I clicked over from Maria’s blog, and enjoyed your post!

  17. wow
    i was just thinking about life and all the things i wanted to do
    with my life like writing
    going to law school and being a lawyer
    and going to nursing school and becoming a nurse
    i was also into homicide
    i wanted to do so much in life
    and dont know how i managed to drop the ball
    beautiful post
    i can never read one of your blogs without having a lot to think about
    you are very talented
    i like how you capture the beauty of life through writing

  18. Oh this post is so breathtaking =D
    So beautiful. Made me really think about the things i have forgotten
    and you write so wonderfully, i couldnt stop reading!

  19. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! This is such an interesting and mind challenging post. I loooove CS Lewis! And keeping close to your core is really hard and something you have to work on every day. It is easy to loose yourself, but harder to find your way back.

  20. I read your post earlier and read it again today. I think it’s such a blessing to be able to find joy in simple things and truly enjoy “Little things, like cloudy days… “ Your post brings tranquility to my heart.

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