34 thoughts on “You and Me

  1. at the moment…wondering where Lebron James will play basketball! haha (ESPN is on in the kitchen and that’s all they will talk about! lol)

  2. That is such a cute picture. Yep – happy day for me too (3 monthly blood tests have come back good). Yay!!! Three more months I expect but I’ll make the most of them.

  3. Feeling a bit sad, but I’m sure I will get over it.
    Thank you so much for the blog comment. It was really sweet of you.


  4. …at the moment looking forward to the rest of July. Hopefully there’s a spontanteous secon, that makes beyond a world of a difference. My biggest words to myself as been (lately); “…something’s gotta give..” Makes me think of the one classic song from the Musical “DaddyLong Legs” sung by Fred Astaire.

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