Contemplation 2

When someone has problems, I am good at the nodding and listening thing. But I wish that I had more wisdom to offer than what I already have.

I wish that my own hands were not bleeding themselves.

But perhaps it is that evidence of suffering that allows me to emphasize and say that despite my own brokenness and inadequacy, or perhaps because of that brokenness and inadequacy, I do understand.

All photos are under a CC license and used with permission. Click photo for credits.

7 thoughts on “Contemplation 2

  1. I think that perhaps that is the best thing one can do. I’ve been in positions where I’ve shared something I’m going through and people jump to give advice, where all I want is to give voice to a feeling – grief, fear, pain…not have people tell me how I can deal with it.

  2. I agree with Miss Roslyn. Most of the time, people just want and need someone to listen to them. Or, just sit silently with them. If they want outright advice, they’ll ask for it.

  3. Perhaps your own scars are what allow you to empathize with a fellow sufferer? At times, all you really need is for someone to silently listen. No judgement, no advise, no quick fixes. A silent nod will do.

  4. i think that you are such a good writer
    i love to write and i love to read
    i know it seem weird but your blogs give me a good feeling
    and with that being said
    you have more wisdom to offer than what you think

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