The Matrix

Agent Smith

I watched the Matrix. Finally. And I can say that I really really enjoyed it. Special effects were really awesome. Action scenes were really awesome. Actors were really awesome, especially Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith.

There’s something weird about me, though. When I watch movies, I usually prefer there to be as least romance as possible. Less cheesy gushy kissing in the rain scenes, if they can help it. I’m like a small child, squirming in my chair when I watch a particularly passionate kissing scene. So during the last part of the movie where Neo (Keanu Reeves) dies and Trinity brings him back to life with her love, I felt really weird. OMG and now they’re kissing!

But when I read books, I love the romance. I get disappointed if there isn’t some romance in it. If I had read the Matrix instead of watching it, I would have been complaining about the lack of romance. (Come on. The final scene?)

Does anybody know what I’m talking about, or am I crazy here?

I am going to watch Matrix: Reloaded tonight.


7 thoughts on “The Matrix

  1. Here via absolutewrite.

    I am with you 100% on the kissing in movies. It did seem particularly out of place in this movie for me as well. Much of the movie is based on the idea of one saviour and the prophecies that come to pass, but we didn’t know anything about Trinity’s own destiny, and it being brought up at the last second kind of blindsided me, and while it didn’t cheapen Neo’s eventual victory, it did kinda distract from it.

    I dunno if you will like the sequels as much, but I look forwards to finding out.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I think – for me at least, I watch a movie for instant gratification of a story or motivation (nothing motivates me more to train than a good Jackie Chan movie!), thus romance gets in the way of the instant hit. Where as books I go to be drawn into a world, I can take my time. That being said – some books still get on my nerves with soppy stuff.

  3. What?! You don’t like any romance in your movies?! (Joy faints) And was that a back-handed slap at my favorite chick flick of all time, The Notebook? I LOVED the kiss in the rain scene!

    Oh well, at least you like it in your books…

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog today)


    • haha, I actually have never watched the Notebook, so I wasn’t thinking about it at all when I wrote that… don’t worry, I like kissing in the rain scenes in my books 😀

  4. It wasn’t the romantic aspect which sullied The Matrix for me, though it was an aspect woefully underdeveloped in a script filled to the brim with moments that had little in the way of development. The endless list of stolen ideas (from diverse sources such as The Invisibles comic, the first Ghost In The Shell film and even aspects of William Gibson’s novels), and the visual tics grated after a while, especially as the ideas weren’t as expansive or as intelligent as those found in contemporary SF novels.

    The Matrix was a good idea, though the handling of that idea was distinctly sub-par.

  5. I really enjoyed this movie. One of my favorites! The Matrix was so innovative it spawned a cult classic movement around it and copy cats galore. If you really want to dig into the concepts behind the film, check out Kevin Kelly. Very smart man.

  6. I am happy that you really enjoyed the film, as it is a great human spirited film zooming in on society in general and the collective thought as well as down to the individual and how they are, think and feel.

    The Romance soon appears, so you will be pleased. 🙂

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