This is Me on Finals Week.

I have this unholy love of potatoes. UNHOLY, I tell you. I adore tater tots and hashbrowns, never mind how greasy the dining hall makes them, though I simply cannot stand the greyish substance that passes for breakfast potatoes on bad days. I absolutely love potato salad. And french fries. I think I eat potatoes every single meal. I love potato soup. And potato in everything. I also love potato chips. BBQ and sour cream are my favorites. I’m starting to have a taste for vinegar as well.

I don’t even know why I like potatoes so much. I just do. Even when I was a kid, my favorite kind of bread was potato bread. With garlic.

Someone should probably get me a cookbook with “100 ways to cook a potato” which includes various unhealthy means of putting a plain ordinary potato in some fancy, tasty form. That would also work as an incentive for me to learn how to cook, too.

So I realized when the music department was having an end of the year party and I got excited when I heard there would be potato salad.

Cue pictures of potatoey stuff, courtesy of Flickr.

I have no idea what this is, but it sure looks good.

Fish and chips are the perfect combination.

This actually looks really good!

Japanese way of cooking potato salad? I don't know. But looks delicious!

And… potato pancakes.

It is finals weeks, I am losing my sanity, and I am seriously craving some BBQ chips right now. Or potato soup with cheese. Or something.


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