Why do you hate Christmas?

I’m not accusing anyone. I seem to notice that there’s some sort of Scrooge effect that’s existing. “Bah humbug, I hate Christmas.”

But why? Is it because of the general selfishness? Is it because of the horrible hustle and bustle that occurs as Christmas approaches and humans frantically rush around to get everything ready for the holiday? Is it because as the hustle and bustle gets worse, tempers fray, people snap, and children cry as they receive presents they never wanted?

Is it because we have become so selfish that Christmas no longer means what it used to? I understand if some of us aren’t Christian and as a result don’t take the Christ’s birth into account. But Christmas should be a time spent with family and friends. It should be a time that one takes to express love, whether that love be expressed by means of presents, time, cooking, laughter, etc.

Is it because we’re not sure we feel the love anymore? Is it because we have become too selfish to feel it? Or too hurt to feel it? Or too busy to feel it? Or too jaded to feel it? Or we don’t have anyone to love?

Or have we all become too cynical?

This is all just speculation, and I don’t know for sure.

For me, Christmas will always mean the love of God expressed as the gift of Grace. It never was about Santa… though I do appreciate the presents that I receive, and the people who gave me the presents. It never was about the hustle and bustle (which I managed to avoid by buying things online). It was always about love. Call me an idealist, but that’s how I think it should be.

Merry Christmas. Stay warm.


One thought on “Why do you hate Christmas?

  1. If I hear the phrase “friends and family” one more time I’m going to PUKE! And then scream- long and loud. What about those of us who have neither? There should be a rental service of suitable people we can choose from (easy temp work for the hordes of unemployed!). It would make millions. This year I am also outraged about the whole Sean Goldman situation. That kid will also probably hate Christmas- on some level- for the rest of his life.

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