The Paradox of Freedom

Why do people say that freedom is not really free?

Can mercy/grace and justice exist hand in hand?


Freedom makes me think about the movie Braveheart. William Wallace tries to win freedom for the people of Scotland. In the process, he loses his life and so never gets to experience that freedom. Not to mention the many soldiers who lost their lives fighting for this freedom.

So while freedom is free for us, it also means that some equivalent exchange has to happen. In our case, freedom was paid for with His blood. For us to win freedom from the bondage of sin, Christ died to pay the penalty for our sins. We can experience such freedom only because He went through excruciating pain and suffering to give us such freedom.

At the same time, the knowledge of how expensive such freedom us makes us savor that freedom. It was bought for with blood. It wasn’t cheap. Such freedom must be precious indeed.

But how can mercy and justice exist hand in hand? Grace is us receiving something we don’t deserve at all, instead of the punishment we ought to receive. Unmerited favor. Mercy is much the same thing. It’s when you do something wrong, and should face the consequences. Instead, you don’t face the consequences but instead receive a reprieve. You don’t have to face the consequences anymore. This happened on the cross, when we were granted a pardon for our sins.

However, at the same time, you hear about the justness of the God who showed us such mercy. Does this mean that God is not just after all?

Equivalent exchange, also known as justice, demands that someone must pay. If not us, then who?

You can almost see where this is leading.

There’s a certain paradox about freedom and grace. Neither are free because Someone has to pay for it. There’s also a certain justice, because while we might not be the ones to pay, Someone else has to. It’s that justice and just payment that gives freedom and grace such value and make it so precious.

Also remember that we were bought back from this slavery. We weren’t cheap. Remember that, and think about how precious you are in the eyes of God.

Live, knowing that you have been freed.

Live, knowing that you were precious enough to be freed.


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