Time to blog?

Do I?

I’m sitting here. I have 3 exams next week. One in the much dreaded calculus. Two in music, which is awesome. But the ear training exams ARE really tough.

Do I have time to blog? heh.

You just sort of make time for stuff like that.


Seriously, though. Life has its ups and downs. Some weeks are worse than others. But for some inexplicable reason, I am pretty happy. I’m happy with the major(s) I’ve chosen, with the college I’ve chosen, with the people I’m meeting (and they sure are an interesting bunch) and with the road I’m walking on right now. I trip over stuff all the time (both figuratively and literally) but I’m getting where I’m supposed to be.

Even though I basically failed two theory exams (curse you, second species counterpoint!!!) and one 10 page paper (in the words of the professor “I’ll give you a 78 but you don’t know how to write”) and a psychology exam (76), I think everything’s going to turn out ok. And that I don’t regret the decisions I’ve made one bit. Except that I should have gotten serious about piano earlier.

But life really isn’t bad at all.

I’m pretty sure it’s because of grace.

Life is good.

God is good.

The end.


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