I’m Standing on the Edge of Me

Things have changed.

And will change.

Rather drastically.


I just walked off another chapter of my life. High school. It seems that I spent most of that time being emo and depressed (not that I’m not like that now) and caring about someone who didn’t care about me at all.

It’s as if during those times, those struggles defined who I was…

However, I have to remember that that chapter of my life is over and gone.

For in less than a month, I will be headed off into a new chapter of my life: college. I will get to meet new people, socialize, take part in clubs and activities, all the while learning skills that I will use in my decided profession (or not). For the first time in my life, I will be living away from my home. There won’t be anyone to tell me what to do. No one to tell me to fold my clothes, put away my underwear, and clean the garbage pile that I call a desk.

For the first time in my life I will experience independence. That is, in the sense that I will be responsible for my own needs. I will be responsible for eating meals at the correct times. I will be responsible for my clothes, my use of time, and more. My parents won’t be watching me every second. It’s exciting, but scary.

It’s especially crucial that I learn how to manage things well. I will be a double major in both psychology and music. I will most likely be practicing piano for hours a day, while studying psychology and various other electives. Not to mention my blogging responsibilities, as well as the clubs I will join.

Will I actually be able to manage my time properly? Or will I fail at it?

I do know that college will change me in ways I can’t even imagine.

Forgetting him will take a while.

But that’s life for you. You do what you can with the time that’s given to you.

You follow the road that unfolds at your feet.



4 thoughts on “I’m Standing on the Edge of Me

  1. I too graduate from High School and enter College this september. I find the aspect of total independence rather daunting. It’s usually my parents that tell me when to get off the net, when to study etc. Without that, I’ll be corrupt. ;_;

  2. Ah spammy… You have another blog too. I didn’t realize until now.

    Surprisingly, we’re closer with our ages than I thought. I’m graduating high school next year. Even thinking about what the future holds right now makes me a little sad. I cannot stop wondering about all the things that I will lose, gain and then regret.

    Anyway, enjoy your new college life! Please do blog about your first day there. I would like to read about it too 🙂

  3. I wish you the very best at College, and all that you do. I know, that you will succeed. Living away from your parents shall be a wonderful experience am sure, filled with learning opportunities. All the best Abby. Hope you settle OK there.

  4. I have no doubt that college is going to be a great experience for you! You are very introspective and wise for your years. I hope you will still have time to blog…

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