God Sighting

2453571862_8dbe199a8eAt VBS, I was introduced to the “God sighting.” A God sighting is when you see something that makes you think about God. It could be a pet, the trees, the sand at the beach, or a person. At the end of each session, I was supposed to ask my five kids about their God sightings for that day. At first their answers were, “I don’t know. I have no idea.”

After some time, their answers changed. They said that I was in fact their God sighting. I was amazed. I mean, me? Their God sighting? Their hugs convinced me that they really meant it.

Which led me to think…

My God sighting is different. I believe that children are truly a God sighting.

For one thing, they have the power to humble us with a look or a few words. “You broke your promise. Why did you break your promise? You said you’d do it.” They have such innocence that they put us to shame. They have such wonder in life that we sometimes gaze at them wistfully and wish we could still have that wonder, as if we were seeing the world for the first time. Children have also mastered the “reproachful” look. I know Cailyn has.

My little brother has such power, as a child. I do something wrong, and he notices. After noticing, he announces it loudly. Sometimes in front of a crowd of people.

2977861605_391b2e2186However, children can have such faith in us as leaders. They can respect us even when we know deep inside that we’re not worthy of their respect. They trust us even though we know that we don’t deserve that trust. They offer us their love, even though we could hurt them. That same wonder at life makes me feel that they’re begging us as leaders not to fail them, not to let them out. Not to break our promises. We know that if not us, then others are going to fail them.

But that doesn’t keep us from trying.

My kids gave me confidence even though I was so unsure of myself at first. I felt that they were telling me to keep on stepping out on faith. They didn’t know that I was trembling inside. They didn’t know that I had to fight myself every step of the way…

Their faith, respect, trust, and love encourage us to keep going in spite of our failings. Children remind us that God is always with us, even through our inadequacies…

(Post dedicated to Ms. Cory ^_^)


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