How to Guide for Cat Owners

I found this on another blog. Did some minimal editing to remove a swear.*


Hilarious. And crazily accurate. My aunt has a cat who is like this cat. That cat does a lot of staring, eating plants and regurgitating them, sprinting at light speed out of any room I enter, and hides in dark places and watches people. I’ve never seen her sleep on electronics. And thank Ceiling Cat, that cat never ever brought in dead animals.

“This isn’t a gift. It’s a warning.”

It’s a helpful guide to any cat owner, guaranteed. Good luck staying alive!

I shall close with a favorite LOL of mine.

funny pictures of cats with captions

(Think of it another way. Maybe they want to kill you when you’re vulnerable and naked. I don’t know.)

*There was another caption, saying “Cats. Sneaky ****ers.”


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