Streams in the Desert (Part III)

Anger has the potential to create and to destroy.

3393616499_f62d11983dPeople like William Wilberforce used their anger to good purpose. William Wilberforce was angry at injustice, and spent his energy making the slave trade illegal. The movie Amazing Grace talks about his work on this. He was a man who knew what to be angry at, and how to use that anger.

Nowadays people, even church leaders, say that anger is something that is a bad emotion. A “bad” thing. A good person shouldn’t be angry. At all. All anger is bad.

I disagree.

I think that a person should get angry — at the right things. A person should be angry at injustice, oppression, and abuse. Not at the lady on the road, or the clumsy cashier at the nearby grocery. Anger is a double-edged sword. You can hurt someone with it. But you can also hurt the things that need to be hurt. Like injustice. Like child abuse. Things like that. Those things could profit by our anger, like when we turn our anger to our children. But they could also fall.

2286441601_99d4038045The pastor on the radio station said that most of us have no idea how to direct our anger. So we turn it on ourselves, and on others. The world is filled with a lot of angry people who have no idea what to do with themselves. Churches are filled with angry Christians who have no idea what God wants them to do with themselves. We’re angry, and we can only explode and burn out.

Some kinds of anger is good. Not other kinds. The destructive kind that only serves to tear down friendships, marriages, and other people? God hates that kind of anger.

We have to learn how to direct our anger at the right places.

Otherwise, we will fall.

Remember my friend in the first post whose anger is like a well that slowly overflows? He has to learn to be careful with his anger, otherwise he will hurt himself and ruin several friendships. However, a well can also water the flowers. It can be a refreshing drink to those that need it.

Autumn, Acadia

Autumn, Acadia

Similarly, a desert storm works the same way. It can bring fertility and new life into oceans and oceans of sand.

Or the forest fires that are so destructive? One time Acadia National Park had an enormous fire that persisted for days and days. No one seemed to be able to do anything about it. It burned up the huge mansions that the rich were so fond of having. It burned up the forests completely. However, after the vicious forest fires ended, people found that new life was growing where before there had been none. Once acres of forests of only pines and shrubs, the park became a place of oaks, and of maples. Of birches and of a variety of trees that had never grown on the land before.

I’m personally glad the mansions got burned down as well. Well, let me expand on that. I’m not glad that they burned down because those could have been the homes of people. I do not mean malice in any way or form. However, that fire marked the return to a simpler time. Everything happens for a purpose that God intended. I believe that maybe God meant for that to happen, as unwanted as it was. Maybe if those enormous mansions had still been standing, people would have gone there and looked at the mansions and the rich living in the mansions and not at the nature which pointed to a Creator. I don’t know. But I do know that if they had stayed, things would have been very very different.

Similarly, anger directed the right way can be a blessing. It can bring life.

Maybe I should learn to turn my anger on the things that need it, instead of turning it on myself.


2 thoughts on “Streams in the Desert (Part III)

  1. I love this article until I read your personal feeling about the burned mansions.
    I am just feeling that your anger is really in deep end that you are glad that the mansions have burned down.The mansions might have been somebody homes, somebody might have worked hard for the mansions.Or the mansions have significant historical values.
    I have read somewhere that sometimes you are angry because of money , Is this could be a sense of jealousy that other people have financial advantage than you are? Returning to simpler life does not mean wishing bad things on people.As you mentioned that anger should be directed toward the right way, Well. Prayer is the answer for our anger.

    • Well, the fact is that those people had such a rich lifestyle and they partied and played around and started crowding nature out, so to speak. I’m not angry so much as thankful. I wouldn’t have wished it on them but it happened and it wasn’t necessarily a BAD thing. Maybe it was all for the best was all I was saying.

      Where did I say that I was angry about money? I’m not sure I understand that part of your comment.

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