Librarians and Weirdness

Sometimes I wonder what librarians think about the people who frequent their library.

In their job, they must meet a lot of weird people. They probably check out strange books to strange people, or strange books to the most ordinary people imagined. I wonder what they think.

26119001_5d3ccab7a0Some librarians, like at the branch I go to regularly, like to talk to the patrons about their choice of books. Especially little kids. Part of their job is to recommend books to the kids and help them enjoy reading. And ask them questions about what they’ve read. “What did you read? How did you like it?” Some librarians do this to the older people as well. “Oh, I really love this magazine you’re checking out. My son loves it too, but I’d rather get it from here.” “What did you think about this book?”

Just this past week, I was lined up at the counter. An old man was in front of me. He was checking out a Men’s Health magazine. You  know, the magazine with some picture of a guy with an open shirt revealing washboard abs. And this guy who was checking the magazine out was old. And creaky.

What about the old ladies who check out porn?


3329718786_09841f9512Or the weird teenagers/college students who check out books on cosmetic surgery?

I go to the library at least once every week. Chances are I’ll have more than 10 books on hold. As a result, the librarians know me as the girl who reads a lot. And who always has a load of books every single Saturday to take home.

They probably wonder about the stuff I read, too.

A few months ago, I was reading up on cosmetics surgery for a project I gave myself. I borrowed a couple of books with titles like “Cosmetic Surgery.” “Cosmetic surgery for Dummies.” My mom saw that and was speechless for some time. The librarian kind of rolled her eyes.

“Don’t ask,” I said.

But no matter how weird the subject matter, the librarians are always helpful and accommodating. They’re always kind and no matter how long the line is, they’re always ready to help. They don’t snap or groan or mumble about how long the line is. If you want help finding a book, they’ll give it to you. They won’t snap at you for anything except about you talking loudly about the weird manga the library does NOT have.

Librarians are amazing people.

I love my librarians.


One thought on “Librarians and Weirdness

  1. That is exactly why I am studying to become a librarian. I love to help people find what they want to read and recommend books to them.

    I caught myself once helping someone find a book they were looking for at my local books-a-million. I even recommended a couple of other books they might be interested in that were similar to the one they wanted. They then wanted to talk to my manager so they could give me a recommendation for being so helpful. Then I had to tell them I didn’t actually work there I was just shopping like they were.

    Then I realized I just needed to find someway to turn that into a job. Anyways sorry for going on.

    I love my local librarians too!

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