Here are my recital pieces, and no I’m not playing them in the youtube clips.

The Pathetique Sonata, 2nd movement.

Asian Dream Song by Joe Hisaishi.

I will be playing it minus the cellos. 

Why am I playing these pieces? I wanted a more classical piece along with a more modern piece. I love Joe Hisaishi, and I AM Asian, and I HAD to have this piece.

The Pathetique is just magnificient. It’s also more classical, and everyone knows it. Everyone who does classical music, that is. 

Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Music

  1. These musical pieces are very beautiful, and you shall do an amazing job. I wish you all the best with your Piano Recitals. 🙂 They would be wonderful to hear. Have you ever recorded yourself playing piano?

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