Piano Recitals and Children

Love of Music - red roseMy piano teacher has an annual recital at around the end of June. 

My siblings and I are among her oldest students. We’ve been with her for a while. The funny thing is that the vast majority (about 20-25 people) are small children just learning how to pick out “Twinkle twinkle little star” with one hand. When I’m among them and listening to them play, I feel OLD. But on the other hand, it reminds me of how far I’ve come, even though I still have far to go.

It’s funny, really. I can see that some of these parents except their kids to go from “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to “Moonlight Sonata” within a year. Some of these parents don’t even come to their kids’ recital. Some of these parents praise every single thing their kids do. Some of these parents mix praise and correction, like my parents. 

I know a mother who was trying to teach her daughter piano, but quit. (The mom, not her daughter.) 

“My daughter has no talent.”

How old was her daughter?


That’s right. Five years old.

I was seven when I started. (Come on…)

What would I say to those little kids? 

Don’t be pressured by those teenagers who can memorize Moonlight Sonata. Or even your mother who claims that she was a prodigy and played in the school band and so wants  you to do it. You’re still young, and you’re still learning. Don’t rush it. Where did those teenagers start? They started by playing “Mary had a Little Lamb” just like you’re doing now. Your mom had to start somewhere, too, even though she probably doesn’t remember it. You’ve got to start somewhere.

Hard work and determination go a long away. Perseverance as well. Don’t give up.

So what if you can’t play Mozart and you’ve been learning for 2 weeks? So what if you can’t play Mozart and you’ve been learning for 2 years?

Don’t give up, and someday you’ll get there.

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