800px-Ringbound_notebookI’m not a very neat person. In fact, I’m very messy. 

This is important, because I”m moving to college in only a matter of months. I will need to pack all my clothes, my cute stationery, my Star wars toys, my pens, and take them all the way to PRovidence College, which is 19 minutes away. And then unload them all into the dorm room where I will be staying, hopefully with a roommate who won’t laugh at me or run shrieking in the other direction.

A few days ago, I was bored, so I started cleaning one of my desk drawers. It took a while. I found out that my habit of dumping random stuff in there to organize “later” was a very good habit. In fact, the amount of stuff I have but don’t even use was frightening.

So I started stressing about packing to college. Then I saw these drawers that have been pushed up against my bed for years and years and years… AACK! Those drawers are filled with tons and tons of stuff that I don’t even use. Stuff that I don’t even look at. Stuff that can only be classified as “stuff” because I don’t even know what they are. What about all the make up I don’t even use and will probably never use? Or the perfume that I got for Christmas but never used? Or the marbles or the balls of  yarn or the rubber artic seal or…

Isn’t it amazing how much junk we have when we really drag it out to look at it? While they’re sitting in their boxes sleeping out the time, they’re also nesting in our brain space, where we worry about where we’re going to put them the next time we move. And then we organize and say, “I have to keep this even though I’m not going to look at it again or even think about it.”

I might as well start packing now.


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