How Do You Edit?

This is part of an Absolute Write forum challenge.

How I edit: I read the blog post over twice. Then I save it as a draft and put it aside for a while. After a few days, when I decide to post the draft, I’ll read it again to check for any typos and add any links that I forgot to add. 

Sometimes the post gets published and there’s an embarrassing typo. If that’s the case, then I go and catch it as soon as someone tells me. 

Pencil on pad of paperIt also pays to have a sibling or parent or friend look over the post and tell exactly what they think about it. Maybe a sentence was vague. Maybe a statement was phrased awkwardly. They’re good at helping out when it comes to that. Be careful, though. Some people don’t know how to critique and it turns into criticism (this post is terrible),rather than helpful tips and comments (I felt that this sentence was a bit weak. Could you rework this sentence so it is more like…). Critique is not criticism. 

If it is a manuscript or essay that is going out into some magazine to be published, always let it sit for a while before sending it out. 

I also like going over a manuscript with a red pen and marking parts that need improvement.

Anyway, that’s how I edit. Enjoy!

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