Sushi at Haruki's

contact_east_picOn Saturday, I went to have lunch at Haruki’s with Beth. 

This is definitely a place that I’d go to again. And again. And again.

I am still lusting after that spider shrimp sushi.

The restaurant had a very nice atmosphere. I can’t think of any words to describe it other than relaxing and casual. The decor was very tasteful. The website even says so. Here:

The decor is upscale and minimalist, yet comfortable, with a chi-chi bar in one room and a sleek, curved sushi bar lining one side of the dining area. Walls are bathed in soft greens and blues, with a large, round, etched-glass window as a focal point.

I sat at the sushi bar with its brushed steel surface and watched the cooks roll and chop sushi right in front of us. 

The restaurant was quite busy on that day, and although chiming glasses of ice water appeared at our elbows as soon as we sat down, the waitress didn’t have the time to check whether out water glasses were filled. Though she did her best to make sure that we had all we needed, I felt that maybe Haruki’s was understaffed in regards to staff waiting tables. 

A picture of their sushi, from the website

I don't know, some random sushi from google

The sushi was heavenly. We ordered spider shrimp, tuna and cucumber sushi (tekka/cu maki), and spicy tekka (tuna with some spicy mayonnaise). I haven’t eaten much sushi in my life, ever. The first piece I ate fell apart because I didn’t stuff the whole thing in my mouth. I judged that sushi tastes better when you cram the whole piece in your mouth, rather than eating each ingredient separately.

Random picture of sushi

Random picture of sushi

My favorite was the shrimp sushi, though. It had shrimp, cucumber, avocado inside it, and avocado and masago outside it. Masago is that orange fish egg thing that looks so pretty. 

Eating it = bliss. Heaven. 

Maybe I should close my eyes and behave like those chocolate-eating ladies in the commercials.

Random picture of fried ice cream because I'm making myself hungry.

Random picture of fried ice cream because I'm making myself hungry.

Afterwards, we ordered fried ice cream. I ate the Pocky, Beth ate the whipped cream with strawberries. For some strange reason, the ice cream, which was supposed to be vanilla, tasted like ginger. I’ve never had ginger ice cream before. Beth told me that ginger is supposed to cleanse your palate. So if you’ve eaten so much that everything tastes the same, try some ginger. It will make everything taste like they’re supposed to taste, which means different from each other. But how did ginger get into our fried ice cream? It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t vanilla.

Would I take my friends here? Yes. Would I recommend this place? Yes. Would I go here again? Yes.

In fact, I want to to Haruki’s again, right now. Never mind that it’s midnight. I’m craving some of that sushi.

I am also going to learn how to cram a piece of sushi in my mouth, because it tastes so much better that way. Come on, taking it apart and eating the shrimp, then the cucumber, then the avocado, then the rice, and then the seaweed… unsatisfying. Sushi must be eaten all together. 

Because it’s sushi.

Another random but pretty sushi picture

Another random but pretty sushi picture


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