Little Pleasures

I went shopping at Walmart and at Michael’s some time ago. I don’t shop a lot. And when I do go out to some store I rarely buy stuff. Window shopping is more my thing. Besides, I’m broke. 

Anyway, I collected a lot of source material at Wal-mart, then went to Michael’s. Now, I love craft stores. There are places to get the stuff they sell for cheaper, but I just like walking around in a craft store. The dollar  bins are the best part.

BM14219So anyway, I saw some really beautiful pendants. I make jewelry and I’m always looking for cheap but good quality beads and focal components. I saw that Blue Moon Beads has this line called Enchanted Planet. They have the prettiest glass pendants! Like the one on the left. 

Isn’t it pretty? They also have it in red.


PD_SMP_85973There’s also Fresh by They have very pretty pendants. I think they’re style is more Asian/vintage ish. The material they use to make the pendants is plastic… but it looked like a very good, hard plastic that won’t break easily or melt unexpectedly or bleed.

It would look really good with some black and silver swirled beads that I have.

Here’s another of my favorites:


More stuff from Blue Moon Beads:



They cost about 3 or 4 dollars each. Not bad!

When I get a job, I want to go back and buy some of this stuff. But I always say that, and I never do. 

Just look at the air bubbles in that last piece! Gorgeous!


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