Old Friends

On May 9th, I went to see my siblings’ ballet performance. They’re in a small, non-profit ballet company that puts on shows twice a year. I used to be in it a few years ago, myself.

It was fun, and I enjoyed watching it. I personally think it was over too soon, and that their Gracefully Gershwin could use an awesome storyline. But that’s not what I want to talk about. 

An old friend of mine was sitting a few rows in front of me. I stopped.

And stared.

She’d grown up. She was stunning, tall, and beautiful. She said hi. I sort of mumbled something. (I was kind of dazzled.) Then I asked her why she wasn’t in the show this  year. “Oh, you know, stuff happens.” We looked at each other and laughed, because we both understood what the other meant.


One thought on “Old Friends

  1. I love ballet but my brothers hate ballet , they always tease me not to fall in love with men that dance in ballet ,majority of them are gays or closet gays.

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