cherry-tree-blossom-landSpring: the time of birth, new growth, and renewal.

We are reminded of this when we see the new nests in the old tree in the backyard. Or when we see green shoots poking out of the ground… or that old maple budding again. 

There must be a reason why Mother’s Day is in spring. However, I can’t find it. Here’s the wikipedia entry on Mother’s day. 

It has become a very commercialized holiday, to the point where the lady who started it wished she never had. She’d rant about how people just bought greeting cards at the store. “Why can’t you write a personalized letter?” 

But mothers are awesome people. Definitely worth taking the time for. I know mine is. I know that not all mothers are, and that’s really really sad. 

I have no idea whatsoever what to do with my mom… I think I’m going to write her a personalized letter. 

She likes chocolate though. My dad already got that. 

All the good gifts are already taken.

She also likes InuYasha. Any InuYasha posters? 

I was going to talk more about spring, anyway. Spring has been called the time when romance is born. When promises are made. When two-thirds of all the weddings I’ve ever been to were held.

All that aside, if I see another green thing, I swear I’m going to…

… sneeze…



Excuse me while I blow my nose.

Happy Mother’s day!

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