Broken Hearts on Bleeding Hands

tea-glass-cupHere’s the second part of the Women of Faith retreat. Read the first part here. And thanks a lot for leaving comments! I thought that they were all very insightful. 😉

After much technical difficulties (they never ended!!!) the second session started. Mrs. Ou talked about “Doing Good: Action.” 

She talked about making a difference by doing good. Mrs. Ou also said that, as I mentioned before, we complain about being tired of doing good to others. It may mean a lack of compassion.

And we certainly need compassion in everything we do.

However, we do fear that we’ll look at the need around us, and “cry and cry and never stop.” I heard someone refer to this as having “broken hearts on bleeding hands.” We have a lot of fears and excuses that can get in the way of us doing good. I know that personally I fear the “broken hearts on bleeding hands.” I’m inadequate, and when people come to me with their problems, I can’t fix them because I’m broken myself. 

On the other hand, it may just be selfishness that keeps me from putting others first. I’m afraid, I’m not enough, I’ll mess up, I just don’t want to do it. Selfishness. It becomes all about me rather than the other person who really could use a helping hand.

I may say that I’m only one person. What can only one person do? A lot. Pray, for starters. 

Or I’m just a poor college student with no money and no time. However, how we spend our time reveals what’s planted most firmly in our hearts. And we do have control over the way we use our time as well as money. (Less time on facebook? Twitter? You don’t have to twitter your thoughts every second, after all…) Enjoy what you have instead of always wanting more. Give generously.

Mrs. Ou also raised an important issue. A lot of times, the problem is our attitude. Not only do we have a bad attitude (selfishness, complaining), we also sometimes think that we’re better people than those we’re helping. “Oh, I’m so good, I’m doing all this stuff for you” Again, we have to remember that doing good doesn’t make us a good person. No one is good except God alone. And that there, but for the grace of God, were I. 

I have to admit that I’m a bit leery of praise. Because I know that it’s so easy to let those words go to my head until I believe that I’m a really great person. A greater person than I actually am.

Humility goes with compassion. 

In answer to the issue of broken hearts on bleeding hands, we have to remember that we’re not the solution to those broken hearts. God is. We’re not THE solution but PART of the solution. We can’t solve those problems, but God can. And he can use us to help a great deal more than we think.

gingerbread_cookiesOne thing that struck me: We can’t live in our own little world anymore, ignoring the problems around us and just merely showing our faith by the “Jesus Loves Me” sticker on our back bumper. We have to live in the real world, which means that we have to face the brokenness around us and do our part to help. We can’t just look at our own problems, but see the problems of others. We can’t just sit at service every Sunday and discuss how to make our church better. We have to go out into the community and help others. We have to ask God to be the solution, but also ask Him to use us as part of the solution. If our hearts are moved, we have to move our hands and feet. 

We as followers of God can make a mark in this world.

One thought on “Broken Hearts on Bleeding Hands

  1. ok this line is bothering me “I’m inadequate, and when people come to me with their problems, I can’t fix them because I’m broken myself.”
    no one is inadeuate and everyone matters.
    i feel broken myself but i’ve learnt from my mistakes and i use them to help others the best i can. with what i’ve been through i can epaphise with people alot better than they think i can and i’m also able to see people more like books: i see the real them not the daily picture they want us to see.
    i don’t think that i’m better than the people i help in fact i’m usually to busy worrying about them if any thing else.

    God can solve all our problems but what do you think that would do if He did? what do you think the world would be like?

    we learn from our mistakes and the evnets that happen around us allowing us to grow as people.

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