Breaking the Ice

I just want to mention the icebreaker that we had at the Women of Faith retreat. There were actually supposed to be two icebreaking times, but we had so many technical difficulties (and ended up messing up the soundboard because we were so frantic). So we ended up leaving one of them out. 

The reason is just that I thought this icebreaker was particularly interesting. We were put into groups. Each group was given a bunch of pictures and asked to pick one picture that represented our relationship with God. 

In fact, I ended up doing this ice breaker twice. I think the first time was more of a trial run with some girls who were helping to run the retreat. All three leaders were in one group, and since I was the youngest member there (and so was closer to their ages) I was chosen to be in their group. I was rather upset… they were either talking about how to arrange the retreat (and I was offering my opinion and they weren’t happy) or they were talking about stuff they didn’t want me to listen to. So after I did the ice breaker once, I asked them if I could go to a different group. They agreed without any hesitation. I think they were relieved.

mailIn my first go, I selected two pictures. The first one sort of looked like the one at the right, only neater. It was a cup of coffee with a happy face made out of cinnamon on the top. I said that that was my relationship with God when things were going well. When I’m at peace and everything’s all right in the world. But I realize that I should take time to have a cup of tea now and then instead of waiting until everything’s ok. I should take the time to have my quiet time with God regularly (like, daily) instead of waiting until finals are over.

The second picture reflected our relationship when things are chaotic and I’m just so busy I can’t even catch a breath. It was of a bald guy with post-it notes on his head. Each post-it note had a different job. And he looked worried and stressed out. That’s me when I’m stressed about all the stuff that needs to be done. God ends up on a post-it note which then gets lost among the chaos of notes on his head. Or my head. I worry too much about what needs to be done and forget about God.

Only I’m not bald.

The second time I did this was with my new group. This group was a bunch of older ladies. They were between the ages of 22 and 35… and they were awesome. This time I also got to hear the other ladies share. One lady chose a picture and said that she was in a state of waiting for things to happen… for God to decide his will. Another lady had just gotten baptized, and she chose a picture of a bride. (Beautiful) Another lady chose a picture of a guy squeezed into a locker. The door of the locker was open. She described her relationship as her hiding away in some locker, and God opening the door and there she is.

africa_zanzibar_nungwi_beach_another_sunsetI chose a peaceful picture of a beach at sunset. 

I think I just want peace. All the pictures I chose reflect a spirit that yearns for peace. To have a relationship with a God that is stable and unmoving even though the circumstances of my life are changing. And they are changing. In two months, I’ll be away at college, figuring out the next stage of my life. I still want my relationship with God to be what it is even though so many things have changed. 

I don’t want to be so busy that I totally forget about God. Or that he gets lost in the chaos that is my mind. 

I still want to have time to get a cup of tea. And relax, and know that the Lord is God.

Don’t forget to be still and quiet. It’s not a bad thing to sit there for a while.


One thought on “Breaking the Ice

  1. you will have plenty of time for God at college in fact you will need him more! when i left school i thourt that i knew it all and that i could cope on my own and that the amount of faith i had was enough. it wasn’t. i felt lost and rather helpless – that’s when my photography flurished.

    you say your time with God is when you have a cup of tea. why not have one first thing in the morning if you have time?

    i agree with you about the post it notes. i do tend to be busy with alot of things on my mind always thinking about my past – how it’s changed me; the future – where am i going; but hardly stopping to think about now – where is God. i should make more time to go to the beach just to sit and think about everything…maybe a few more photos while i’m there.

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