On Doing Good


As promised, I will now give you the rundown of the retreat I’ve been Tweeting about for a while (for those of you that follow me there). This is the first part because I have a lot to write. (Thinking about it now, I think I’m going to split it into 3 or 4 segments…)

I went to the Women of Faith retreat at my church. I wasn’t especially looking forward to it because I was in the music team and had to get up at 7 to go to church and practice. I was really tired…

The speaker’s name was Nancy Ou. Her brief biography says,

Nancy Ou is a Christian speaker, translator, and writer. She speaks at various churches and college fellowships. Her articles and translated works can be seen in many Chinese Christian publications. Her husband, Rev. Samson Ou, is currently serving at Chinese for Christ Church of San Jose. Their family consists of 3 grown up children and a big dog. In her spare time, she loves to read, listen to classical music and tell cheesy jokes.

The theme of the retreat was Peter 4:19.

So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.

Doing good? Yup.

Mrs. Ou had two messages: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Her first message was about “Doing Good: Preparation.” She mentioned that Christians don’t do good because of high moral standards. We do good because the Bible tells us to. Because GOD tells us to. Christians don’t simply sit there and bask in God’s love. We’re supposed to go out and do good. 

Why do good? There are several reasons. By doing good, unbelievers can be silenced because of our integrity. (Integrity can really do a lot, believe me. If nothing else it can win the respect of others.) Doing good glorifies God. Who will harm us if we’re eager to do good? 

She added that sometimes we say that we’re too busy to do good. In our eyes, not always doing something is bad. As a result, we fill our days with busyness and activities that will just make us tired and burnt out. Just sitting still is good, sometimes. Not only that, we’re supposed to have our quiet times with God (be still and know that he is God) and if we miss that… well. Bad stuff happens. We get tired, crabby, cranky, and tend to bite people’s heads off. I know I do.

That still time with God is also a time to recharge ourselves. It’s better than any rejuvenation treatment that money could buy, because it actually works. It provides us with more than adequate resources to enable us to do good to those around us. 

She described salvation as “creation, re-creation, new creation.” That just struck me as being a pretty accurate picture of salvation. In fact, I added it to my “religious views” on facebook.

web-bud-openingAnother thing Mrs. Ou said was that good works are indispensable as a consequence of salvation. They are NOT the means to salvation, or the way to God.

I feel that a lot of Christians emphasize that good works does not lead to salvation, blah blah blah. So when people become Christians, they forget about the aspect of doing good. They forget that doing good is NOT the same as being a good person. “I’m saved. What do you mean that I have to do good?” Her point that we’re not supposed to just sit there and bask in God’s love was correct. Maybe a lot of us would rather just sit there and not get our hands dirty.

Or we say that we want to do good things, but we’re just so TIRED… and we have not the least idea how we can help. Next post coming up!


4 thoughts on “On Doing Good

  1. when i feel there is an absence in my life i tend to find that i have forgotten THE most inportant relationship in my life and that is with God. i also notice how messed up my life has become in that time it’s taken to realise that i have stayed.

    for me the good i do is helping my friends out if they have any promblems to the best of my ability. hence why some of them have nicknamed me agony aunt. that is something i have always done even before getting confirmed. since then it hasn’t been just friends but anyone who asks for help!

    also being involved in student politics allows me to help alot people to be able to have their say and allows me to help them do that. it also involves me helpng them in anything involving the college or the course.

    i enjoy being able to help. in fact i prefer to help out than to go to church. for me i feel that am i not needed in church that isn’t where i can do the most good. for worship i choose to take photographs and show the world that this is what i see; this is what God made; this is what i love and enjoy. they say a picture paints a thousands words and it does! for me it is God’s words alive in our world today.

    sometimes it’s the small things that matter, something most people would walk by or ignore, that makes a big difference.

  2. Christians are always perceived as indifference. They will always said we do not need to do good because we are already saved by accepting Christ. One of my relatives is a very devoted Christian as he is very active in his church but very indifferent to other people’s need. His attitude is causing many of our relatives to criticize the effect of Christianity. He is perceived as fake.He acts religious and kind when surrounded by church people but he is totally a different person when he is away from church.

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