Achievement letters, Housing, and Chemskill

Yesterday was the last day of chemistry class. Now I only have to worry about leftover Chemskill as well as studying for the final on Tuesday. Which I am NOT looking forward to at all. I’m kind of relieved that this semester is over. It was a challenging one.

Now I can pick a date to go have sushi with Beth!

Housing applications came in the mail from PC. So I have to do investigative work and figure out what residence hall would be the best choice. I did some already and I’ve narrowed it down to four. (Only because there’s only 4 halls available for freshman girls anyway.) I’m pretty excited about it! Funny thing is that I have no idea what my study habits are. That was one of the questions. 

In what environment do you feel the most productive? The library, your room, or a social setting?

When do you prefer to study? Morning, Mid-day, or Late Night?

I ended up checking “library” and “room.” The funny thing is that I study whenever it’s convenient. I actually don’t study in the morning because I have classes… and practice piano. And I’m not exactly a morning person either. 

Do I even study at all?

Now for the big news. I got a letter from the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority.

This is what it said.

Dear Student:

We are pleased to inform you that you are the recipient of a Certificate of Honor from the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority.

Our certificate recognizes your high academic achievement and designates you a Rhode Island Scholar. This designation is separate and apart from any monetary award based on financial need that students may receive from our office.

Please not that these certificates are generally sent to the student’s high school. Because we were unable to determine which high school you attend, we are sending the certificate to your home. Please notify your high school guidance office of your recognition.

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement during your high school years and best of luck in your future endeavors.


William H. Hurry, Jr.

Executive Director

I’m homeschooled, so that’s probably why they were unable to determine my high school. Telling my high school guidance office was no problem. “MOM! I got this certificate thingy!”

The letter made me very happy, needless to say. I made photocopies of the certificate and hung it on my wall where I could see it.


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