Devotional – 30 hour famine

This morning I did a devotional as part of the 30 hour famine that my youth group is doing. 

Here it is:

30 Hour Famine Devotions

Yes, we know you’re tired. Yes, we know that you’re ready to eat everything in sight (never has your friend looked yummier). And that you will eat the next person who talks about food. However, it’s important to remember that this event isn’t about seeing who will turn to cannibalism first. It’s about contemplating several things: how blessed we are, for one. Or the fact that there, but for the grace of God, were I.

Definitely food for thought. Pun unintended.

So, take a Bible and maybe a notebook and a pen. Find a spot where you’re away from distractions. Read the passages below and think about these questions.

  • What exactly was the hungry person hungering for?
  • How did the hungry person respond to his hunger? Did anyone else respond to his hunger?
  • Whom did the hungry person ask for nourishment?
  • What happened when the hungry person got fed?
  • Was there a “point” to the story– or was the fact that a hungry child of God simply got enough food for a change point enough?

And finally, how does this apply to me? What am I hungering for? How am I responding to it? Etc.

Elijah and the widow: What we all wish would happen in our kitchens. (1 Kings 17:7-16)

Jesus in the desert: The devil tried to get to him through his (empty) stomach. (Matthew 4:1-4)

… and the number one “hunger” story in the Bible:

Feeding Jesus: You never know who that hungry person you’re feeding may be. (Matthew 25:35-45)

Here are some of my initial thoughts on the subject. By the way, this devotional isn’t copyrighted. I know because I wrote the initial part. The questions come from somewhere I don’t know. 

For the first story, it struck me that a little can turn into a lot. 1 dollar can feed a child for a day. A little kindness can go a long way.

Second story, our empty stomaches can be a distraction only if we choose to let them be so. Remember Lent? Fasting from something, whether it be food or a game or shopping, can be a good thing.

Third story is one of the most powerful ones in the Bible… at least of this subject matter. It merely says that it’s very very important to be kind to others… you never know whether that hungry person is Jesus or not.  😉 And what you do to others, you do to Jesus. You’re responsible for the kindnesses you show and the kindnesses you don’t show. Something to remember, now and in the future.


2 thoughts on “Devotional – 30 hour famine

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  2. beautiful. ❤ i really like it, so much thought behind it! similar thing we do at events during ramadan. people forget that actually during ramadan, fasting from food is the easiest part. because the whole point then is also to fast from bad parts of your character; lies, gossip, etc. that’s not really to do with the 30 hour famine, but the point is similar; there’s a reason behind it, we’re not just torturing ourselves for nothing 😀 beautiful, honestly!

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