Northanger Abbey

na200I watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. 

I loved it.

The actors and actresses were all skillful and good looking. I especially liked newcomer Felicity jones as the romance-addicted Catherine Morland. I felt that she and JJ Feild had good screen chemistry — they made a really cute couple. Especially as he’s really tall and she’s really short. 

Somehow I feel that Jane Austen and I would have been friends. Northanger Abbey showed how reading too many cheesy romance novels (or breathing, in Catherine’s case) can lead to an overactive imagination. One of the books mentioned in the book/movie is still in print. It’s called Udolpho. And I read the first 5 pages. The heroine, Emily, is PERFECT. UGH! She’s so perfect I can’t stand it. It’s funny that Northanger Abbey was written originally as a parody for Austen’s family to enjoy. And then it got published after her death. 

Very good ending, I may add. I went to the library, got the book, and enjoyed it even more. Read it. Or watch it. Both are excellent.


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