Savage… laughter

Don’t you just love it when you think of something really really funny and laugh about it randomly in the most embarrassing places?

So anyway, I was in CCRI’s library today. Our Composition professor never showed up for mysterious reasons and didn’t let us know, so I was wandering around for 45 minutes. I sat at a computer and did some homework. And then I was web browsing when it happened.


I have to say that I LOVE this website. The two ladies (Sarah and Candy) review romance novels and their covers. They tell you what book is okay, and what book is just AWFUL. The site has just the right blend of smartness and snarkiness. Love it. LOVE it. Warning: romance novel covers aren’t necessarily good on the eyes, and you might squirt coffee through your nose laughing. And some language isn’t meant for younger readers.

They did a review on a book called Savage Moon by Cassie Edwards. It’s a romance novel. About native Americans. And red-headed white girls who somehow got kidnapped by evil Native American. And grown up into the tribe. Complete with naked Indian on cover. Read the review here.

So there I was, happily chugging along, reading the oh so funny review… and then I hit the part where the reviewer quoted short sections from the book to give the reader an idea of how awful the book really was, that is if the cover didn’t convince you enough.

Misshi signed happily. She had adapted well to life with these kind Shoshone. She had even dyed her hair black with the stalks of a root called we-sha-sha so that she could look like an Indian. She was so very fond of her life as an Indian maiden that she was averse to the idea of going back to live in the white world.

We-sha-sha! OH MY GOSH!!!! OH MY GOSH! For some reason that struck me as funny, so I started laughing really hard. If you know anything about libraries, you should know that it’s a big boo boo to laugh in a library. Especially with a bunch of other people who are studying for their midterms. I tried to control my laughter and ended up snorting through my nose. Really hard. The girl sitting beside me turned her head to look at me once, then tried to ignore the disturbance. 

But it’s just so FUNNEH.

We-sha-sha. I can’t get over it.

*starts off again*



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